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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Starting January 1, 2010

365 Days to take 365 photos of the world around me. I have decided to do this, firstly I think it will be a true challenge and accomplishment to complete a project of this kind.

I am not sure where this might lead me or what style(s) of photography I might under take, but I do believe it will help me to become a better photographer.

So starting Friday, January 1, 2010, I will begin my little adventure, just me and my camera off to explore the great world around me. For the first week, I will post to this blog everyday and I then I shall post Wednesdays and Saturdays each week.

Happy New Year!!!
I hope you will enjoy my challenge;

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

T-Shirts Designs

Hi All;

Busy working on several projects at once but I have finally come to the printing point of one of my projects.

A friend of mine asked about have t-shirts printed of his son. So I have been trying to come up with ideas but didnt have any ideas until my cousin asked me to photograph her boys. Well, then the ideas came flowing out.

Above is one idea that I had that I think really works out well. I am hoping not only does cousin love the photos of her boys but also that my friend likes the design for the t-shirt. I will be working on a few other designs I am sure once I have a little more time I can come up with loads of ideas.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Awesome Girl to shoot!! She was so into it and had fun doing so!! She also has some good ideas as well which really helps .. I will be keeping in mind some of her poses that she did for later clients.

Please meet Carissa:

2nd Model #1 2nd Model #2 2nd Model #3 2nd Model #4 2nd Model #5 2nd Model #6
This was an awesome shoot with a great model.
Kelly :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The RockStar!!!

Hi All;

It has been awhile again since I have posted anything ... been very busy with work and class at my local techincial college and really havent had a lot of time to shoot. Which I truely miss doing!! The recent course that I am trying is a Basic Lighting Course and so far it has been great.

I am going to post photos from each shoot to share with all of you. This first one was great ... I love the artist part of this ... using High Key Lighting. What a great tool to work with ... you can be so creative. I did photoshop my end results to punch up with High Key part of the lighting.

This is Nat and he was a great subject ... didnt really have to instruct him at all, he had all his own ideas!!!

Nat Shoot #4 Nat Shoot #3 Nat Shoot #2 Nat Shoot #1 Nat Shoot #5

There is 2 more sessions for this shoot with 2 other subjects and when I finish editing the photos I will be posting them.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you;

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Curve Creations Calendar

Hi All;

Finally finished a second calendar and looking forward to seeing what the end print will look like.

Curve Creations photos I came up with earlier this year, when I was looking forward something a little different. I thinking I was trying to find my own little style. I love the bright colors that I end up with, so I decided that maybe creating a calendar to share some of these works would be a good idea.

Curve Creations Calendars


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creating Cards and Calendars

Hi All;

Well, another class is done and I am waiting for the Studio Lighting Class to begin next. I am hoping to learn alot as well as maybe gain some insight on what kind of studio lighting I wish to purchase.

I am in the process of getting ready to do another year of Team Photos. The Girls are fun to work with ... totally hate having their pictures take but I think they warmed up to me last years so I am hoping that this year will be a little easy. I need to come up with some need ideas for shooting in a bowling alley but I think I have a couple possible thoughts :)

I have decided to have some cards printed, hopefully to sale before Christmas. So I did try to pick some Christmasy/Wintered Themes cards as well as just one everyday themed card ... just to see how it goes.

Card 1: http://www.redbubble.com/people/kellym35ca/art/4031493-1-bandw-merry-christmas
Card 2: http://www.redbubble.com/people/kellym35ca/art/4031438-1-bandw-castle-mountain-junction
Card 3: http://www.redbubble.com/people/kellym35ca/art/3944965-2-purple-daisy
Card 4: http://www.redbubble.com/people/kellym35ca/art/3964304-2-frost-blues

As well, I am working on a calendar. I havent decide yet if this will by the finished arrangment yet. But I want to decide soon, to have it printed before Christmas. I dont why I want until this time of year to decide such things ... I dont left myself enough time.

Black & White Calendar

Well, that is it for now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi All;

I have been busy working on class assignments and exercises. And I wanted to have a few new photos to work with instead of photos I had already edited. I asked one of the guys at work if he would be willing to be my model for a little bit. And I think I was actually a very productive shoot. It wasnt very long but I have found that sometimes the long the shoot the less you get. So this shoot was about 15 minutes and I think that I got some really interesting shots.

One of my favorites is below of Fernando, and I had an idea in mind of what I wanted. I think this could become a really neat idea with the pumpkins in the forground and the model in the background.


Fernando was a good sport and we both had fun taking these few photos. I am hoping maybe we might be able to go out again and do a little shooting.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calgary Stampede Grounds - 2009

Hi All;

Still busily working on photos from this summer, however I did finally get my Stampede photos finished.

All of the shots below were taken on the Stampede Grounds at the Indian Village.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-160-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-149-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-141-copy

It was a beautiful day and there were tonnes of people taking in the rides.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-049-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-039-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-086-copy

Also spent a little time watching the trick riders ... brave girls and just awesome at what they do. It was hard to shoot in the arena but maybe next year, I will have a little better lens to shoot with.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-052-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-004-copy

The day started out with such beautiful weather, just awesome. And well, summer in Calgary, the day may start out just wonderful and end with a wicked storm!!!

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-133-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-142-copy

If you would like to see the rest of the photos from this years Stampede check out the Album.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Curve Creations - Union Station

Hi All;

I am having fun with this Curve Creations that I came up with early this spring. I like going and a shooting and doing some regular shoots and then also doing some shots just to make a Curve Creation photo.


This photo was taken in August at Union Station in Toronto.

Other Curve Creations are located at the following album.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Union Station, Toronto

Union Station, Toronto, Ontario Union Station, Toronto, Ontario Union Station, Toronto, Ontario

Union Station, Toronto, Ontario Union Station, Toronto, Ontario Union Station, Toronto, Ontario

A few interior shots of Union Station, Toronto. This was an awesome building would have loved to stay and shot a little longer but it was a rest stop before heading off to catch the bus to the airport.

Maybe next summer I will have to spend a little time in Toronto checking things out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Gallery By Kelly Mitchell


Chris invited me to do up a little gallery for the Photo Factory Group and I thought it would be a really great idea.

Thank you Chris.

My Photos


This shot was taken just this pass August and I love how I caught this white goose keeping an eye on me.

IMG_9124-copy IMG_9139-lighten-soften

I did a family shoot this summer and the 2 photos above are a couple of my favorites. This was a great day, hot but worth every minute of it.


Spent Father's day weekend out at Field British Columbia. This reflection shot was taken at Emerald Lake, BC at about 7:30-8pm and the light was just awesome for a good 30-45mins, what more could you as for.

Rope-Square---Part-3-001-copy Rope-Square---Part-3-052-copy

I love shooting the Native dancers at Rope Square during Stampede Week here in Calgary.


First attempts at Vehicle photography, had fun with this and would love to try it again sometime.

280609-23 280309-je-01

I have been trying to work on People photos as much as I can. I really enjoy working with people and seeing the reaction to there photos which is really encouraging and making me want to do more.


Curve Creations are some photos, I played with in Photoshop ... trying to bring out my more Artsy side. All of the above photos were taken this year. Its hard to pick out 10 photos, these are some of favorite shots but I have many many more :)

Thank you Kelly :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day out at Port Dalhouise, Ontario

Hi All;

I thought I would post a few pics from a day spent wandering out Port Dalhouise. Would really love to explore this place a little more, has some great photo opportunities.


Toes dipped into Lake Ontario, and they didnt desolve, haha. Ok, so bad joke. It was a beautiful to head and do a little exploring.

Have a Great Day;

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NSI 2009 - Part 2 - 3 Beautiful Ladies

Hi Again;

Slowly working on photos from my workshop in St. Catharines. The class was lucky enough to have 3 beautiful models to work with that day. It is interesting to see everyones ideas of photographing people. The first group of models were photographed in natural light. The ladies were great, it was so hot and humid that day, I felt so sorry for them.

IMG_9463-copy IMG_9468-copy IMG_9537-copy IMG_9483-copy IMG_9457-copy IMG_9516-copy

And then we were able to just photograph one of the ladies by herself, inside where it was much cooler.

IMG_9689-copy IMG_9683-copy IMG_9660-copy

Still more photos to come from this workshop. All of the photos so far are located at the following location.

NSI 2009