K's Photography

This is the beginnings of My Photography Site. I am hoping to create a good site to send future viewers and clients too.

As this site develops, I will be posting photos from Scenic to People to Product Photography. I enjoy all kinds of photography and willing to try almost anything.

When I do a People shoot, you will actually (in most cases) get the benefit of 2 photographers. We call ourselves "2 Ladys & Lens", which I think that will give us a better opportunity to get more photos of any event as well as different points of view.

We currently have 2 wedding under are belts and hoping to continue this venture as well as attempt other styles of photography, whether it is weddings, family photos, baby photos or just out for a walk to see what we can capture.

We do have our own separate styles as well. So I will be displaying my photography here with information regarding 2 Ladys & Lens services until we have decided on a website for our joint venture.