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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rope Square, Calgary Stampede - Part 1

Well, another installment of photos, subject Rope Square :) I finally had time to work on these photos. I had so much fun taking them but not time to work on them properly so now I do and look forward to revisiting them and seeing what I had taken.

The Irish Dancers were awesome and great photographing opportunity.

Rope-Square---Part-1-044-copy Rope-Square---Part-1-084-copy

The cowboys pulled off a great show.

Rope-Square---Part-1-023-copy Rope-Square-Part-1-029 Rope-Square---Part-2-052-copy

And then the Native Dancers which I just love to photograph, the beautiful and colorful customers.

Rope-Square---Part-3-037-copy Rope-Square---Part-3-018-copy Rope-Square---Part-3-005-copy Rope-Square---Part-3-007-copy There are more to come from the Rope Square and from the Stampede Grounds, hopefully sometime tomorrow. Few other jobs to accomplish first but will be back.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mountain Mirrors and Field BC

I spent a couple of days photographing and relaxing out at Field BC in mid June. I have a beautiful weekend spent sight seeing and visiting some places I havent been to seen I was a kid. Had great photographing opportunities which I took great advantage of.

22062009-FieldBC-Part2-020-copy IMG_5555-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-117-copy

Also made a trip to Emerald Lake which really isnt all that far from Field. And had a picnic lunch there ... I spent more time shooting than eating, hahah.

22062009-FieldBC-Part2-144-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-180-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-143-copy

To see all of these photos check out the following link to the album:

Thank you for stopping by;

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tory's Shoot - August 8

Hi All;

Well, as you can see I am playing catchup with my blog posts and I am hoping to have the majority caught up before I go back to work this week.

A friend of mine asked me to do up some business style portraits for her website. They were fun to do and we kinda got a little side tracked but its photography, you are suppose to be having fun too!!!

Tory is a very success person and is always on the go, I am not sure if I represented that in her photos but we both had fun on that days shoot.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lyon's Wedding on July 18

Hi All;

Well, what has happen to summer. It has just flown by but can't complain, it was an awesome busy summer. Only did one wedding this summer which is just fine with me, it is alot of work but maybe next year there will be a few more. Although, wedding are alot of work it is also a great experience.

I have known the bride since high school, and just resently met her new husband and I think they make a good pair. I wish them all the love and happiness and many wonderful years together.

My Barb and I, also make the album pages for a 12x12 album. She does the designing and does an awesome job. The link to her photos are at the bottom of the page.
Barb is currently busily working at the wedding video .. is does a great job on the video. I wish I had the patience for that.
We are planning on taking the album and video to Michelle and James at the end of August. I am looking forward to seeing their reactions.
Take Care;

Wedding Video

James and Michelle Lyon - July 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Shoot

Hi All;
How is everyone?? Its been a very busy couple of weeks for me between the wedding, a short holiday and a couple other shoots. I think so far my summer has been very successful The 2 following photos where taken at a family get together that I was hired to shoot ... I had great fun and everyone was great to photograph



These 2 are siblings ... she was into having her photos done ... he just wanted to play football, which I get so I told him could go first so he could be back to playing hahah :)
I will post wedding photos soon ... I am not quite down editing yet but soon.
Hope everyone is having a great summer Kelly