Mountain Mirrors and Field BC

I spent a couple of days photographing and relaxing out at Field BC in mid June. I have a beautiful weekend spent sight seeing and visiting some places I havent been to seen I was a kid. Had great photographing opportunities which I took great advantage of.

22062009-FieldBC-Part2-020-copy IMG_5555-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-117-copy

Also made a trip to Emerald Lake which really isnt all that far from Field. And had a picnic lunch there ... I spent more time shooting than eating, hahah.

22062009-FieldBC-Part2-144-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-180-copy 22062009-FieldBC-Part2-143-copy

To see all of these photos check out the following link to the album:

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