Calgary Stampede Grounds - 2009

Hi All;

Still busily working on photos from this summer, however I did finally get my Stampede photos finished.

All of the shots below were taken on the Stampede Grounds at the Indian Village.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-160-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-149-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-141-copy

It was a beautiful day and there were tonnes of people taking in the rides.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-049-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-039-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-086-copy

Also spent a little time watching the trick riders ... brave girls and just awesome at what they do. It was hard to shoot in the arena but maybe next year, I will have a little better lens to shoot with.

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-052-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-004-copy

The day started out with such beautiful weather, just awesome. And well, summer in Calgary, the day may start out just wonderful and end with a wicked storm!!!

Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-1-133-copy Stampede-Grounds-2009---Part-2-142-copy

If you would like to see the rest of the photos from this years Stampede check out the Album.