NSI 2009 - Part 2 - 3 Beautiful Ladies

Hi Again;

Slowly working on photos from my workshop in St. Catharines. The class was lucky enough to have 3 beautiful models to work with that day. It is interesting to see everyones ideas of photographing people. The first group of models were photographed in natural light. The ladies were great, it was so hot and humid that day, I felt so sorry for them.

IMG_9463-copy IMG_9468-copy IMG_9537-copy IMG_9483-copy IMG_9457-copy IMG_9516-copy

And then we were able to just photograph one of the ladies by herself, inside where it was much cooler.

IMG_9689-copy IMG_9683-copy IMG_9660-copy

Still more photos to come from this workshop. All of the photos so far are located at the following location.

NSI 2009