Creating Cards and Calendars

Hi All;

Well, another class is done and I am waiting for the Studio Lighting Class to begin next. I am hoping to learn alot as well as maybe gain some insight on what kind of studio lighting I wish to purchase.

I am in the process of getting ready to do another year of Team Photos. The Girls are fun to work with ... totally hate having their pictures take but I think they warmed up to me last years so I am hoping that this year will be a little easy. I need to come up with some need ideas for shooting in a bowling alley but I think I have a couple possible thoughts :)

I have decided to have some cards printed, hopefully to sale before Christmas. So I did try to pick some Christmasy/Wintered Themes cards as well as just one everyday themed card ... just to see how it goes.

Card 1:
Card 2:
Card 3:
Card 4:

As well, I am working on a calendar. I havent decide yet if this will by the finished arrangment yet. But I want to decide soon, to have it printed before Christmas. I dont why I want until this time of year to decide such things ... I dont left myself enough time.

Black & White Calendar

Well, that is it for now.