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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up ~ Jan 31

Well, can you believe it is the last day of January!! Heres hoping spring arrive quickly this year. Not a busy week for me but steady enough to say I was not bored at all.

Sunday, was spent organizing and taking photos over to the Bowling alley to give to all the bowlers. And they seemed to be impressed and there were a very more orders for more photos.

Monday, I worked!! So there really isnt much to talk about. I did however, take my little 300d along and took a couple of shoots on the way to work. I have bus images in my brain that I wont to try not sure how successful they are yet but I will be working on the idea.

Tuesday, was a very busy day off to work early and then on to class in the evening. This day I started a new project and pick up a friends artwork that she need to have photographed for class. This was a bigger project than I thought it would be but all turned out well. And it was fun to do.

She is a very talented artists and I have a few more photos to add to this set.

Wednesday, was a catchup day. Worked on shooting and editing the artwork. And started working on this coming weeks assignment of Corporate Logos. Not sure if I quite got the right idea but I have had fun working on it though. Will post these photos later on, once I get it all organized.

Thursday, I worked again and was a very unproductive photography day as well as unproductive in all aspects of the day!! hahah

Friday, I was off and I did a bunch of shooting and editing this day as well. I did however get a nap in, I know not the most exciting part of the day but hey, I needed it!!! hahah

Saturday was awesome. I worked in the morning but was able to find 2 awesome willing models to photograph in the afternoon. And I think I got some really great shots and will edit them up and share them with you later on. This was also an assignment for class so I am trying to get somewhat ahead just incase I run out of time near the end of class. And then for a short time, Saturday evening, my Aunt (fellow photographer) and I, decided that we were going to go out and do some night/early evening shoots ... well, we forgot just how cold this can be!! But we stuck it out and did get a few shots. Will get these up later this coming week as well.

I will add photos over the next week or so, please check them out.

And there is the album where the first month's P365 photos are located. Come check them out, I am very happy, I only missed 2 days so I think I was very successful. Goal for next month is not to miss any.

~ I still have to do a photo for today!!
And well that was my week.
Happy Week All!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Models

365 Photo Project - Photo 26

I took a couple of weeks to get this shoot organized but it was a great success and alot of fun. I needed to do portraits using non-studio lighting. I wasnt sure how I was going to do this but when I started thinking about it and I knew what I was going to do.

I wanted to do Tat shots, which I kinda of accomplish but may have to study/research this subject a little better. But for the first attempts I think I was successful.

I have several shots, but only edited up 3 for this evening and will be getting the rest done over the next week or so.

IMG_3085-1-copy IMG_3074-1-2nddefog IMG_3070-1-copy
The middle photo, I did on purpose not because I wasnt looking ... wanted him behind her lurking ... maybe not quite the right expression on her face ... we were getting rather silly by this point and me with the lack of sleep, it didnt take much.
All photos were take at Alberta College of Art and Design.

Saturday Nite Spot Lite Site - Jan 31

Well, I originally thought I that I would Spot Lite Photography or Photography related sites but I came across this site a little while ago. I kinda wasn't sure about it but it has grown on me and quite enjoy it.

About 3 months ago, I came across this show called "Word Travels" and well to me honest I spotted the camera the one host was wandering around with and of course I was hooked. And the the traveler (that I want to be one) came out in me and started watching the show. I am unfortunately, seemed to missed it on an on-going basics but sometime last week I decided to do a web search and low & behold, there it was. So I have been catching up on the ones I have missed and they really good to so neat and out of the way places and I think that might be what really attracts me to the show.

And you can also watch these shows online
Online Viewing ~ Second Season

Friday, January 29, 2010

Reading and Relaxing

365 Photo Project - Photo 25

365 Photo Project - Photo 25

One of the things that I make sure I do every night before going to sleep. To help to relax and make me sleep in hopes of having a good nights sleep. I am currently reading Diana Gabaldon's Echo in the Bone novel. I am down to the last 150 pages or so and will have a hard time waiting until the next book of this series comes out!!!

And yes, I did miss another day, Thursday was a busy day and all of a sudden the day was done and no photo to speak. However, only missed 2 days this month so I think that isnt such a bad thing.

Black and White Fridays - January 29

Well, today is "Black & White Fridays" and I will trying to find one for everyone to see.

Early last summer, my family and I, went out to Field, BC for Father's Day weekend. And decided the way there, that we would stop off at the Lower Bankhead Coal Town. It was a really neat place and I remember it from when I was a kid, even remember picking up a couple of pieces of coal there as well.


I played around with the exposures on the shot to see what I might be able to come up with. I love how the trees kinda sparkle.

Please check out Redbubble for the full version of the photo as well as pricing. Old Coal House: I do believe that this building was a payroll building but I dont quite remember.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Curve Creations Thursday - January 28

Well, it is Thursday and today I dedicate to showing one of my Curve Creations. I have not had a chance to head out this week and create ones so I thought I would share one of my older creations from last summer. I did a series of photos in Union Station in Toronto on the way home from St. Catharines. A friend of mine, fellow photographer, Amanda Yakem both wanted to shoot so we traded off, one would babysit all of the luggage and one would shoot. Union Station is a great old building and I am hoping maybe that next summer I can head in to Union Station without have time and luggage limits, haha

Class Assignment #3
I am in the middle of getting my next class assignment finished and should be posting it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Missing Days

365 Photo Project - Photo 24, 25 & 26

So, the last 2 days have been very very busy and havent had alot of time to do up a blog. And well, today was also very busy but I am making time today to write.

Monday, I brought along my old 300d on the bus to grab a couple of photos and well couple is all I got. I got off about 5 shot and the battery died but I think I took a couple of interestings shoots. Not sure if I accomplished what I was aiming for but will be trying this one again.

365 Photo Project - Photo 24

Tuesday was class night, and it was a very good class which I will write about later this week. But I also did the same style of photo but on the C-train and at night. I wish I would have been brave enough to photograph the Kid playing his guiter ... he was so into it and will really good. Next I will be brave!!! :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 25

A good friend of mine asked me to photograph some of her artwork. She is an awesome artist and I look forward to photographing the rest of her works, tomorrow. So what better of a P365 photo than this.

365 Photo Project - Photo 26 b

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!! Here is wishing the rest of your week is good.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Class Assignment 2

Well, this was to be of Abstract Food or Food Abstract ... this was not easy, I really didnt have any ideas but I think I came up with something :)

Onions in the Snow!!

Onion in the Snow Onions in the Snow

Photoshop Mondays

Well, this entry is going to be rather interesting to say the lest. I, by no means, consider myself a photoshop expert, if thats what you are looking for start with Scott Kelby and work your way through. I thought that I will just give you some of the tips and tricks that I come across that make my editing time faster.

I use Photoshop CS3 at this time basically because I find it very easy to use. Dont ask me if it is the extended, I havent a clue. Its works and that is all that matters :)

I thought I would start out in this first Photoshop Mondays blog, with the basic things that I do to every photo. I have all of this set up as an "Action" so that when the photo opens into Photoshop I just click and off we go. I do have each of these Actions set up separately so that if I decide, I only need to do one of them, I can use just one.

Action 1: Went I start editing a photo, it is always "Duplicated" so that you are not editing on an original photo/file. Never edit the original, if you mess something up and save it ... thats it ... I really can't go back.

Action 2: Duplicate the background layer. If you duplicate the background layer and work on that duplicate layer, you can now go back and see what you have done, improved on, or changed, etc. Also if you decide you dont like what you have done on the duplicate layer, you can trash that layer, and start again.

Action 3: I always copyright my photos ... so to make life easier, I made it into an action ... clicking once, compared to typing out your info each ... Makes sense right??

Action 4: This is my Defog action. It is a sharpening actions, that I do to just about every photo. I find that there is a "Fog" look to alot of my photos ... not that I don't focus, I think it is just something to do with digital. But I am sure there people out there that will argue that and like I said this is just my workflow that I have created over the last few years of doing this.

So, this is what I do when my photo is pulled into Photoshop. Nothing to fancy, but it does get the job done.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

I am starting another blog entry called "Sunday Wrap Up". Just a short entry regarding the last week happenings. I thought it would be interesting to look back and see how things went and what I have learned, etc.

This week was a truly busy week. Trying to take photos everyday, is a challenge not to repeat the themes as well as to try and make the photos interesting. I have been working on my class assignment and the first assignment of "Blue" and "The Calgary Tower". So some of the images I have created are very everyday images that you would see and then others are of everyday things that I try to add a creative twist too.

SUNDAY: I had to work this day at my day job to pay them pesky bills. But I decided to take my camera to work, my little camera point and shoot. This point and shoot is not the greatest and I am looking into getting a Canon G11 or G12 so that I have more control over the photos. The G11 and G12 shoot in Raw format which I think is awesome, I love playing with Raw.

MONDAY: Well, Monday was very much of a write off. Clothes needed to be wash and all of fun cleaning stuff. I also did some work on the Bowling Team photos and had some to send off to the printers. I also decided that Monday was going to be my "Fav Photo of the Week" day for posting. I pick photos from the past to share with you and will be posting this on Mondays. My P365 photo was of one of my favorite things, a Double Double. And for all the Canadians out there you will know what that is!!

TUESDAY: This was a AWESOME day!! I went in early to work to get a few things done and to build up a little time because I wanted to go out and shoot the Olympic Torch Run that was set to go by between 11.52am to 12.17pm!! And I got was great shoots, it made my whole day and my whole week. It was a truly once in a life time experience. Today was also my class and some far it has been a good class. I really enjoy seeing how other "see the world" through their cameras.

WEDNESDAY: I photographed another Wednesday Morning Coffee Bowling team today. The ladies were great and did get a couple of great shots which I think they will be happy with. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I came to the decision that I need a second camera body. Tuesday, for the reason that I had a long lens on and I was wishing I had a shorter lens on for shorting the crowds and close up shot without having to be half way down the block. Wednesday, for the reason that my camera decided to have a mind of its own and not work the way it should. And to have a second body handy for just those times when things might not be going my way. Today I also donated blood for the first time in a long while and with any luck this will be one of my New Years Resolutions.

THURSDAY: Wednesday evening the fog rolled in and in Calgary when that happens, that usually means that the weather is changing. Thursday morning, the frost covered world was just beautiful. I only got out for about 10-15mins, but I create several beautiful frosty photos which I am still working on.

FRIDAY: The world was still covered in frost so when I got home from work that day, I went out again too see what I could find. I had approximately 30mins before I lost the light that day. I found the orange light of the light lamps, spot lighting of frost on the branches of the trees, fascinating.

SATURDAY: Today was an outing with the girls and it was alot of fun. I need to learn to do this more often. I took along my camera and the pics are not the greatest but it was all in the name of fun and that is what matters.

And well, that was my week. I have introduce daily themes this week as well and will be introducing the remaining of them this coming week. I had thought doing this blog thing was going to be rather hard but so far so good.

All photos from the past week can before on Flickr.

Have a Great Week Everyone!!

Last of the Sunday Fun Seeker Team Photos

365 Photo Project - Photo 23

Well, today I took the last of the photos for this years Sunday Fun Seeker photos. Had alot of fun with this project and I hope that I will be able to do so again next year. I will be taking orders for this team photos through out the spring. Still learning to work with people but I think the more I do so the better I will get at it and it isnt as hard as it use to be.


I still have a few more groups to go for the Ladies Wednesday Bowling teams. So if the ladies wont be back for a while yet but I think this will get me time to make sure all of their photos look good. This time I bought in my laptop, so the girls could have a quick look at their photos and if they decided that they didnt look the first set of photos they could have retake done right away. Works wonders, and makes things much easier for me.


There were great smiles all round for both groups this time.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bowling Night

Well, this was fun ... I havent never play 10 pin bowling before and I wasnt sure if I could but hey how would you know if you dont try, right!!

The girls all had fun and I think we all did pretty. And dont ask the scores, cause I don't know, it was all in the name of fun!!!

I drug along my old camera, man is that thing slow but it did a pretty good job. The lighting was the pitts, so it was mostly in really slow shutter speeds but got some interesting shots.

One of Girls:

365 Photo Project - Photo 22 a

And a couple of the really cool background;

365 Photo Project - Photo 22 b 365 Photo Project - Photo 22 c

I am thinking now I wish I would have gotten a little slow to get some close up shots, Ohh well, next :)

Saturday Night Spot Lite Site

Here is a site of a truly amazing person, who has gone through alot in the past two years, and person of truly strength in all senses of the word.

Keep strong Kim, I do think of you and Chris alot.

Black and White World

Quick post for right now, if you are looking to purchase my photo of the Black and White Tree from Yesterday's posting please feel free to check out Redbubble.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Black & White Fridays

Well, I have been working having a blog (or two) everyday and decided that maybe there should be themes for the blogs. I have been working on the themes for each day over the past 2 weeks as the ideas came to me.

I may still change these up a big as time goes now, just to keep them fresh and new. And as anything this blog will always be a work in progress and I will be trying to find new and exciting to share with you.

Weekly Plan:
  • Mondays: 365 Photo posting, Fav Photo of the Week & Photoshop Mondays
  • Tuesdays: at this time their will not be a posting for Tuesday until class is finished.
  • Wednesdays: 365 Photo posting and Class Posting
  • Thursdays: 365 Photo Posting and Curve Creations Thursdays
  • Fridays: 365 Photo Posting and Black/White Fridays
  • Saturdays: 365 Photo Posting and Spot Light Site Posting
  • Sundays: 365 Photo Posting and Sunday Wrap Up

So I am not going to tell you about the postings at this time, just so that it is a surprise for everyone.

Now, on to Black & White Fridays!! So the plan is to to not only shoot for 365 and Curve Creations but to also build up my portfolio of Black/White photos. I have a nice collection started which you can check out at the following album.

Frosty Black & Whites

I love to create black & whites or black & whites with some color, I very them very visually appealing and can really pull you in. I very that many of my photos, I see in black & white long before I even take the photo ... I know that sounds rather weird but hey that's just me, haha.

I hope you enjoy the coming weeks, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Busy Week

365 Photo Project - Photo 21

Yes, the week was very busy but I do believe it was very productive. I did some shooting of the Olympic Torch which was just awesome. Tuesdays class was very good, my classmates very creative and it will be a challenge to keep up. Wednesday, I donated blood which I havent done in quite a few years. Wednesday I also showed off the first batch of photos to the Ladies at bowling league and did up another round of photos. Thursday, I did work but I got out for a few minutes before heading off to shoot the frost that was slowly growing on the all of the trees. And First I also went and shot frost covered trees again but had a little more time to look and see and be creative. The frost is just an awesome thing to shoot and can create some really interesting and creative photos.

365 Photo Project - Photo 21

I spotted this tree just down the street with the street light ... spot lighting some of the branches and thought that this looked really cool.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Cold, Again

365 Photo Project - Photo 20

Todays photo is of the horra-frost that is now many if not all the trees here in Calgary. The frost makes everything just beautiful I love ... with the small exception, it usually means that there is a change of weather caming ... COLD and SNOW!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 20

This shot is of the trees across the street. There are still some old leaves that just refuse to fall and with the frost makes them look really pretty.

I will work on the rest of the photos of the mini-shoot tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Blogs in 1 - 365, Blood & Curve Creations

I have decided to do 3 Blogs in 1 this evening so that I don't fill up all you're mailboxes and posting boards.

365 Photo Project - Photo 19 a b & c

First of all, everything is just fine ... I just decided to donate blood this year. I have wanted to for a while and I have donated in the past but just havent had the time to do so. So I decided I was going to make time. A friend and I, were trying to go before Christmas but with the busy season and with work, times/dates just didnt work out. So last week, we were able to get everything worked out and today was the day!!!

It was a good experience and everything went smoothly ... only jumped when the needle went in, and I didnt cry, hahaha

365 Photo Project - Photo 19c
The nurse took this photo of me, not the most flattering shot but hey all in the name of a good thing, right.

365 Photo Project - Photo 19b
365 Photo Project - Photo 19a
45% of Canadians are O. Group O is like no other and can only recieve blood from other people who are in the O group.
Type O is the oldest and most common blood type, originating from South Africa.

Class # 2

Good class this week, it run a little long so I didnt have time to post anything last night regarding. Talked some about cameras and knowing your camera which I truely believe in today and will explain that a little later.

Talked how good it is to be Professional and I do try to do that all the time when I am shooting. Dressing properly, which I have no problem with, I love to buy clothes, hahah.

Talked some regarding histograms, which I do need to learn and understand better. So I have started a little of things that I need to read up and learn to understand better.

Some 1 Liners that Bill used that I think are very very Good:

  • You Need to Be Smarter Than Your Camera - Good Line, and so very very true!!
  • Be More Efficient - Something I truely need to work on.
  • More Shooting, Less Photoshop - I am working on this and have found for alot of photos I do not do much in photoshop.
  • Use Your Feet to Zoom not Your Lens - Great advise and will work on this one.

The first round of photos were shown last night ... there are some good and creative people in class and I think it will be good (and fun) to see everyone's work.

Curve Creations

I made a new Curve Creations this week out of one of the shots I took of the Calgary Tower. I will be creating new ones each week and if not then I will be sharing some of my olders ones.


I will post a little to where you will be able to purchase a print of this Curve Creation, later.

I hope your week is going good, only 2 more days until the weekend, Yiippeee!!!

Olympic Torch Album has Been Post!!

I worked on the photos from yesterday, and I thrilled with many of them. I was wondered that they wouldnt be all that good but I am very happy with them and I am looking forward to have many of them printed.

I was truely a great 45mins worth of shooting yesterday and it was truely and awesome experience seeing the torch lite. I wasn't expecting to see that, let alone be close enough to get some good shots.

I would love to hear what you think ... I havent shot much event photography, but I can see how much fun it could be ... I do whatever am starting to see where a second camera body might been a good plan in the future. Because I only have access to one long lens, a short lens to get some people/crowds or when the runners got to close, I wasnt able to shoot, with much success. So when I do go out and sign my life away for a little while, I will let you all know.

Please come and check out the photos of the Olympic Torch Runners on 17th Ave Se Calgary Alberta.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Olympic Torch Runners

365 Photo Project - Photo 18

365 Photo Project - Photo 18

This evening blog is rather short ... but this was my day of shooting ... Could you ask for better subject material!!!!

Promise to post more tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2010


365 Photo Project - Photo 17

Well, today was a busy day ... I needed to get my class assignments done. I didnt realize that I hadn't edit some of my photos so I need to work on those. And then I need to do some laundry, even so exciting. So I didnt get out to shoot anything today, like I had planned.

But tomorrow I have the opportunity to photograph some of the Olympic Torch Run which I am really looking forward doing. And then another class tomorrow evening, 2nd class which I am looking forward to. The class will be criticing the first assignments of "Blue" and "The Calgary Tower".

For all of you who are not Canadians, this is of my evening Timmies (Tim Hortons) run. I live on this coffee along with Kickin' Horse Coffee, which I will photograph sometime later. Both are heavenly and sinful at the same time, hahah :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 17

Curve Creations - The Calgary Tower

Hi All;

I have decided that, I am going to post a blog each week regarding my Curve Creations photos. I started these Curve Creations Photos last spring and have been working on them through out the year. I love the wild colors that I can come up with and makes for an interesting grabbing photo.

Latest photo that I have created was of the Calgary Tower which I photographed for my photography class that I am currently taking. I plan on posting a new Curve Creation photo a week with a link to Redbubble where you have the option to purchase a print of this photo.


I totally have fun with these photos and I realize they are not everyones "Cup of Tea". But I love to share, just to see what others think.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interiors and Work ... Which do you think was more fun to shoot??

365 Photo Project - Photos 15 and 16

I did shoot Saturday but didnt have enough time to post the photos so this evening I had time to work on a couple and post them to share with you.

Saturday evening, I shot the interior of a condo building, which was alot of fun. But I can definitely see that there is a knack to doing such a thing. I think I should do a little reseach ... look at some different mags to collect some different ideas of what to focus on. Although, I think I did get a few good shots. Next time however, definitely need to bring along my tripod!!!! Live and learn, right :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 15

I will be editing the rest of these photos within the next couple of days and will share a link to the album.

Today, I had to work in the evening so I didnt quite get out of bed with enough time to shoot something interesting. So I decided that I would take along my little digital camera to work and see what I could find. Well, my day consisted of cleaning up and stocking one of aisles at work and thought what the heck that will make a great everyday photo.

365 Photo Project - Photo 16

And well, if that was the weekend then I had it. Not sure what tomorrow might bring but promise post something.


Friday, January 15, 2010

A "Me" Day

Hi All;

I had a me day ... went to the mall, and to Chapters and had a my fingers and toes done.

365 Photo Project - Photo 14

I love how they can put designs on finger and toes ... I was in an orangy pink mood today so that is what I had put on my nails.

It was a true pampering kind of day. Tomorrow, I will be shooting interior of a building and looking forward to it. Shall post those when I get home.

Have a Great Weekend all;

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Mother the Artist

365 Photo Project - Photo 13

Hi All;

Well, I wasn't sure if I would get a photo done for today, mostly because I decided this morning that going back to bed was much more important than heading out to shoot. I had been a very busy week between work and shooting but I have not complains. I truly love to do photography so I dont consider it to be work.

So while I was at work today, I had been trying to come up with something to shoot but couldnt think of anything. So when I got home this evening, I spotted one of my Mother's latest works and decided that it would be a perfect P365 photo. I hope you all enjoy it ... I am hoping that I will have time one day to photograph all of her works and I promise to post them to share with all of you.

365 Photo Project - Photo 13

Well, it is time to call it a night ... I will be heading out with my camera again tomorrow and will post later in the evening.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Calgary Tower

365 Photo Project - Photo 12

Well, busily working on photos for class assignment which is now Calgary Tower. I believe I have enough for "Blue" so I decided that I would work on the second half of assignment 1. I am glad that I had an extra week to work on these assignments .. I forgot how hard it is to fix in a class and work and assignments but it is all a good challenge!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 12

I also started the bowling team photos for the Wednesday Morning Coffee League. The girls were great this year, so much more comfortable with me and the camera ... made things to much easier which really does show in the photos. I will post these photos by the weekend, along with more 365 photos.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abstract Food or Food Abstract ??

365 Photo Project - Photo 11

365 Photo Project - Photo 11

Working on another assignment for class. I have done a photo something like this before, but I have the onions died centre so this time I tried something new or a little different and I am actually quite happy with some of the results.

I have created an album for all the photos that I am creating for this class, come check it out.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Red, Yellow & "Blue"

365 Photo Project - Photo 11

365 Photo - Photo 11

Found this on my walk through Inglewood today. Still working on class assignment of "Blue", I think this is one of the wons for today.


And I do believe that this is a running up. I couldnt believe that I came across this, I have been looking for the word "Blue" for this assignment and I was lucky enough to find it.

I would say all in all that it was a very successful outing. Tomorrow I will working on "Abstract Food" and "Logos" ... I have an idea from the Food but not a clue yet for the Logo.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Fun Seekers

365 Photo Project - Photo 10 A,B&C

Today was a work/play day to finish up the team photos for Sunday Bowling League. There was 1 team left to photograph and then 1 team who wanted re-takes. And then a little paperwork, in a way, I had missed a team well editing and couldnt figure out who it was, so I now have everyone put in the right places with, I am hoping the right names.

So my photo of the day for today are the last remaining team photos:


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blue Swings

365 Photo Project - Photo 8

Well, I did miss yesterday`s photo, however, I did make it out today. I am working on photos for class so I did another `Blue` photo today.

As I was heading out today to do a little shopping, I notice that the park across the street from where I live has a Blue theme. Never noticed this before, so I thought, What Luck!!

I have a taken a few photos while I was there some different angles, into the sun, out of the sun etc. But I really like what I came up with.

365 Photo Project - Photo 8

Sunday Bowling Leaguers for 2009-2010

I was asked not only to photograph the Ladies again on Wednesday morning Coffee League which I will starting this coming January 13. I was also asked to photograph the Sunday Bowling League teams for 2009-2010. I was a little nervous about doing this but as soon as I started I had not problems. I have one more team to photograph tomorrow as well as let everyone see their photos.


Check out Sunday Leaguers Photos Here

Will post the remaining photo tomorrow for all of you see.

Friday, January 8, 2010

No 365 Today

Well, I know it was going to happen a few times, run out of day to do a photo but I promise that it will only be a few times.

Today, was one of those busy days, so I didnt have the opportunity to disappear for 10 minutes somewhere along the way to see what I could see. I worked all day, and ended up getting home a little late. But I promise to post 2 photos for tomorrow, I have plans to work on my assignments for my class tomorrow ... still trying to come up with ideas for "Blue". I love these little brain teasers they are alot of fun.

So I decided that I would post a photo anyway, featuring a photo that I took last January, when it was extremely cold and I so wanted out of the house that day.

This photo was taken at a local park, it was a very frosty day making the trees just beautiful.


If you are looking to purchase a print of this photo, please feel free to contact me.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


365 Photo Project - Photo 7

Well, I have been trying to work on my assignment for class and decided that it would make a good 365 Photo. This is just the beginnings of this assignment, I have several ideas that I think I am going to try. Not sure which photos I will be handing in, however, I have 6 images that I can hand in so that if I can't decide I can have a lot to choose from, haha

This first image, I thought of right away ... I have a few versions that I am going to try out.

365 Photo Project - Photo 6


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Class of 2010

First Class was really good. I think I will really like this instructor, very confident and funny which makes a class much better to keep going to. His name is Bill Marsh and has been a photographer since 1988, I believe his said.

The course is call "How to Make Money with Your Camera". I think that this will be a very good and productive course and I am hoping to learn lots. I think the assignments are going to be a good challenge or at least a good brain teaser anyway. I am looking forward to being creative with these assignments each week and seeing what kind of things I might come up with.

The first assignment is to take 6 images of "The Calgary Tower" and "Blue", so a total of 12 images. And not just typical shots, you need to be "Creative"?? Now, I have some thoughts in mind, and I think I am going to try all of them out. So be prepare to see some of my assignments in the near future.

It was a very good first night and looking forward to the rest of the course;

Trees and Lights

365 Photo Project - Photo 5 & 6

Well, the last 2 days have been very busy. I made time to take a few pictures but no time to edit or post so today you get a 2 for 1 deal, haha

Tuesday, was a early start for me at work and trying to recover from this flu bug, it was also my first day of class. So Tuesday was a very very long day.

I had promised myself that I wouldn't take photos from the bus stop I was waiting but when a photo presents itself, why not?? It was really cold and it had snowed for most of the day, the streets were slipper and as well as very busy Tuesday evening.

365 Photo Project - Photo 5

There are spots in the city where there are still some Christmas Lights up. I didnt get a chance to shoot any over the Christmas holiday so I guess that this is it for this year.

So on the way to work on Tuesday, I spotted these trees with the snow on the branches and just fell in love with them ... I wanted the bright blue sky behind the branches which I think makes that branches stand out so much more. I am hoping to experiment with this idea more as winter goes on.

365 Photo Project - Photo 6

I think that this might make an interesting B/W which I will post later, I need to play with it a little just to see.

I shall post again tomorrow, not sure of the theme yet but not know what I might come across.

Happy Hump Day All;

Monday, January 4, 2010

Birds and Squirrels, Oh My!!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 4a & b

Well, today was not my day ... I have been fighting a flu bug for the last couple of days and just not been a 100% So I was worried that maybe I wouldn't get my photo done for today but the Birdies and Squirrels were putting on such a show that they just screamed "Take my Picture, Pleases!!!"

I have several different birds that come to my feeders and the bird bath. First ones to show up this morning was the little grey squirrel, who hauled off most of the peanuts and eat alot of the sunflower seeds.


And then the little nuthatch was very active, busy flying from flower pot to bird feeder to the ground to dig through the peanuts then back to the bird feeder. But he did decide to hold still just long enough for me to take a couple of shots.


So I hope you enjoyed my little zoo, so far, I will be trying to get more shoots of my little creatures that come for a visit.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wind Chime

365 Photo Project - Photo 3

365 Photo Project - Photo 3

Yet another day where I didnt make it any farther than the deck. I was sitting enjoying my morning coffee and looked out the window and noticed any pretty the wind chimes looked in the sun. So I thought that it would make a nice shot for today. It is still rather cold here in Calgary, it was suppose to chinook (warm up) today but it really didnt happen. Tomorrow I plan out heading a little worth away from home to do a little shooting before work. I wont be able to post until Wednesday so there will be 3 photos to check that day.

Have a great Monday all;
Kelly :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chinese Food & Wonton Soup

365 Photo Project - Photo 2

Hi All;

I have envisioned something a little different for todays photo but I do like my results. I did know that I was going to photograph food but I had thought of doing so at the restaurat however, there was a hockey game on this evening and no one wanted to go out. haha

So this evenings photo is over Chinese Food and Wonton Soup. I love Wonton Soup!!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 2b 365 Photo Project - Photo 2a
So far this little project is working out not to bad, however it is only the second day so I should get to high on myself yet. I have many ideas and I looking forward to trying out as many as I can.
Please come back tomorrow and check things out!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ice and Snow

365 Photo Project - Photo 1

This is of the frozen bird bath that I have in my Yard. I got a heated bird bath for Christmas and with it being so cold out and as it refreezes overnight, the ice makes some great patterns.

So with today being January 1, 2010, I decided to start a 365 day photo project. I have been thinking about my first photo for the last week and decided today that I would just go outside with my camera and see what I could see. This morning it is -23c with a windchill of -32c in Calgary so I thought ice and snow was a very appropriate start to my project.

Will be posting again tomorrow...so not sure of the theme yet :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 1