3 Blogs in 1 - 365, Blood & Curve Creations

I have decided to do 3 Blogs in 1 this evening so that I don't fill up all you're mailboxes and posting boards.

365 Photo Project - Photo 19 a b & c

First of all, everything is just fine ... I just decided to donate blood this year. I have wanted to for a while and I have donated in the past but just havent had the time to do so. So I decided I was going to make time. A friend and I, were trying to go before Christmas but with the busy season and with work, times/dates just didnt work out. So last week, we were able to get everything worked out and today was the day!!!

It was a good experience and everything went smoothly ... only jumped when the needle went in, and I didnt cry, hahaha

365 Photo Project - Photo 19c
The nurse took this photo of me, not the most flattering shot but hey all in the name of a good thing, right.

365 Photo Project - Photo 19b
365 Photo Project - Photo 19a
45% of Canadians are O. Group O is like no other and can only recieve blood from other people who are in the O group.
Type O is the oldest and most common blood type, originating from South Africa.

Class # 2

Good class this week, it run a little long so I didnt have time to post anything last night regarding. Talked some about cameras and knowing your camera which I truely believe in today and will explain that a little later.

Talked how good it is to be Professional and I do try to do that all the time when I am shooting. Dressing properly, which I have no problem with, I love to buy clothes, hahah.

Talked some regarding histograms, which I do need to learn and understand better. So I have started a little of things that I need to read up and learn to understand better.

Some 1 Liners that Bill used that I think are very very Good:

  • You Need to Be Smarter Than Your Camera - Good Line, and so very very true!!
  • Be More Efficient - Something I truely need to work on.
  • More Shooting, Less Photoshop - I am working on this and have found for alot of photos I do not do much in photoshop.
  • Use Your Feet to Zoom not Your Lens - Great advise and will work on this one.

The first round of photos were shown last night ... there are some good and creative people in class and I think it will be good (and fun) to see everyone's work.

Curve Creations

I made a new Curve Creations this week out of one of the shots I took of the Calgary Tower. I will be creating new ones each week and if not then I will be sharing some of my olders ones.


I will post a little to where you will be able to purchase a print of this Curve Creation, later.

I hope your week is going good, only 2 more days until the weekend, Yiippeee!!!