Birds and Squirrels, Oh My!!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 4a & b

Well, today was not my day ... I have been fighting a flu bug for the last couple of days and just not been a 100% So I was worried that maybe I wouldn't get my photo done for today but the Birdies and Squirrels were putting on such a show that they just screamed "Take my Picture, Pleases!!!"

I have several different birds that come to my feeders and the bird bath. First ones to show up this morning was the little grey squirrel, who hauled off most of the peanuts and eat alot of the sunflower seeds.


And then the little nuthatch was very active, busy flying from flower pot to bird feeder to the ground to dig through the peanuts then back to the bird feeder. But he did decide to hold still just long enough for me to take a couple of shots.


So I hope you enjoyed my little zoo, so far, I will be trying to get more shoots of my little creatures that come for a visit.