Black and White Fridays - January 29

Well, today is "Black & White Fridays" and I will trying to find one for everyone to see.

Early last summer, my family and I, went out to Field, BC for Father's Day weekend. And decided the way there, that we would stop off at the Lower Bankhead Coal Town. It was a really neat place and I remember it from when I was a kid, even remember picking up a couple of pieces of coal there as well.


I played around with the exposures on the shot to see what I might be able to come up with. I love how the trees kinda sparkle.

Please check out Redbubble for the full version of the photo as well as pricing. Old Coal House: I do believe that this building was a payroll building but I dont quite remember.


  1. In the old days one used to learn photography by taking B&W negatives, processing them yourself and then making enlargements with a projector and batches of stinking chemicals.
    Black and white photos


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