First Class of 2010

First Class was really good. I think I will really like this instructor, very confident and funny which makes a class much better to keep going to. His name is Bill Marsh and has been a photographer since 1988, I believe his said.

The course is call "How to Make Money with Your Camera". I think that this will be a very good and productive course and I am hoping to learn lots. I think the assignments are going to be a good challenge or at least a good brain teaser anyway. I am looking forward to being creative with these assignments each week and seeing what kind of things I might come up with.

The first assignment is to take 6 images of "The Calgary Tower" and "Blue", so a total of 12 images. And not just typical shots, you need to be "Creative"?? Now, I have some thoughts in mind, and I think I am going to try all of them out. So be prepare to see some of my assignments in the near future.

It was a very good first night and looking forward to the rest of the course;