Great Models

365 Photo Project - Photo 26

I took a couple of weeks to get this shoot organized but it was a great success and alot of fun. I needed to do portraits using non-studio lighting. I wasnt sure how I was going to do this but when I started thinking about it and I knew what I was going to do.

I wanted to do Tat shots, which I kinda of accomplish but may have to study/research this subject a little better. But for the first attempts I think I was successful.

I have several shots, but only edited up 3 for this evening and will be getting the rest done over the next week or so.

IMG_3085-1-copy IMG_3074-1-2nddefog IMG_3070-1-copy
The middle photo, I did on purpose not because I wasnt looking ... wanted him behind her lurking ... maybe not quite the right expression on her face ... we were getting rather silly by this point and me with the lack of sleep, it didnt take much.
All photos were take at Alberta College of Art and Design.