Ice and Snow

365 Photo Project - Photo 1

This is of the frozen bird bath that I have in my Yard. I got a heated bird bath for Christmas and with it being so cold out and as it refreezes overnight, the ice makes some great patterns.

So with today being January 1, 2010, I decided to start a 365 day photo project. I have been thinking about my first photo for the last week and decided today that I would just go outside with my camera and see what I could see. This morning it is -23c with a windchill of -32c in Calgary so I thought ice and snow was a very appropriate start to my project.

Will be posting again not sure of the theme yet :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 1


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Lovely tones and textures in this photo. You joined my blog today, and that is much appreciated. A happy and successful 2010 to you and yours. Dave Brown


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