Interiors and Work ... Which do you think was more fun to shoot??

365 Photo Project - Photos 15 and 16

I did shoot Saturday but didnt have enough time to post the photos so this evening I had time to work on a couple and post them to share with you.

Saturday evening, I shot the interior of a condo building, which was alot of fun. But I can definitely see that there is a knack to doing such a thing. I think I should do a little reseach ... look at some different mags to collect some different ideas of what to focus on. Although, I think I did get a few good shots. Next time however, definitely need to bring along my tripod!!!! Live and learn, right :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 15

I will be editing the rest of these photos within the next couple of days and will share a link to the album.

Today, I had to work in the evening so I didnt quite get out of bed with enough time to shoot something interesting. So I decided that I would take along my little digital camera to work and see what I could find. Well, my day consisted of cleaning up and stocking one of aisles at work and thought what the heck that will make a great everyday photo.

365 Photo Project - Photo 16

And well, if that was the weekend then I had it. Not sure what tomorrow might bring but promise post something.