Last of the Sunday Fun Seeker Team Photos

365 Photo Project - Photo 23

Well, today I took the last of the photos for this years Sunday Fun Seeker photos. Had alot of fun with this project and I hope that I will be able to do so again next year. I will be taking orders for this team photos through out the spring. Still learning to work with people but I think the more I do so the better I will get at it and it isnt as hard as it use to be.


I still have a few more groups to go for the Ladies Wednesday Bowling teams. So if the ladies wont be back for a while yet but I think this will get me time to make sure all of their photos look good. This time I bought in my laptop, so the girls could have a quick look at their photos and if they decided that they didnt look the first set of photos they could have retake done right away. Works wonders, and makes things much easier for me.


There were great smiles all round for both groups this time.