Missing Days

365 Photo Project - Photo 24, 25 & 26

So, the last 2 days have been very very busy and havent had alot of time to do up a blog. And well, today was also very busy but I am making time today to write.

Monday, I brought along my old 300d on the bus to grab a couple of photos and well couple is all I got. I got off about 5 shot and the battery died but I think I took a couple of interestings shoots. Not sure if I accomplished what I was aiming for but will be trying this one again.

365 Photo Project - Photo 24

Tuesday was class night, and it was a very good class which I will write about later this week. But I also did the same style of photo but on the C-train and at night. I wish I would have been brave enough to photograph the Kid playing his guiter ... he was so into it and will really good. Next I will be brave!!! :)

365 Photo Project - Photo 25

A good friend of mine asked me to photograph some of her artwork. She is an awesome artist and I look forward to photographing the rest of her works, tomorrow. So what better of a P365 photo than this.

365 Photo Project - Photo 26 b

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!! Here is wishing the rest of your week is good.