No 365 Today

Well, I know it was going to happen a few times, run out of day to do a photo but I promise that it will only be a few times.

Today, was one of those busy days, so I didnt have the opportunity to disappear for 10 minutes somewhere along the way to see what I could see. I worked all day, and ended up getting home a little late. But I promise to post 2 photos for tomorrow, I have plans to work on my assignments for my class tomorrow ... still trying to come up with ideas for "Blue". I love these little brain teasers they are alot of fun.

So I decided that I would post a photo anyway, featuring a photo that I took last January, when it was extremely cold and I so wanted out of the house that day.

This photo was taken at a local park, it was a very frosty day making the trees just beautiful.


If you are looking to purchase a print of this photo, please feel free to contact me.