Olympic Torch Album has Been Post!!

I worked on the photos from yesterday, and I thrilled with many of them. I was wondered that they wouldnt be all that good but I am very happy with them and I am looking forward to have many of them printed.

I was truely a great 45mins worth of shooting yesterday and it was truely and awesome experience seeing the torch lite. I wasn't expecting to see that, let alone be close enough to get some good shots.

I would love to hear what you think ... I havent shot much event photography, but I can see how much fun it could be ... I do whatever am starting to see where a second camera body might been a good plan in the future. Because I only have access to one long lens, a short lens to get some people/crowds or when the runners got to close, I wasnt able to shoot, with much success. So when I do go out and sign my life away for a little while, I will let you all know.

Please come and check out the photos of the Olympic Torch Runners on 17th Ave Se Calgary Alberta.