Photoshop Mondays

Well, this entry is going to be rather interesting to say the lest. I, by no means, consider myself a photoshop expert, if thats what you are looking for start with Scott Kelby and work your way through. I thought that I will just give you some of the tips and tricks that I come across that make my editing time faster.

I use Photoshop CS3 at this time basically because I find it very easy to use. Dont ask me if it is the extended, I havent a clue. Its works and that is all that matters :)

I thought I would start out in this first Photoshop Mondays blog, with the basic things that I do to every photo. I have all of this set up as an "Action" so that when the photo opens into Photoshop I just click and off we go. I do have each of these Actions set up separately so that if I decide, I only need to do one of them, I can use just one.

Action 1: Went I start editing a photo, it is always "Duplicated" so that you are not editing on an original photo/file. Never edit the original, if you mess something up and save it ... thats it ... I really can't go back.

Action 2: Duplicate the background layer. If you duplicate the background layer and work on that duplicate layer, you can now go back and see what you have done, improved on, or changed, etc. Also if you decide you dont like what you have done on the duplicate layer, you can trash that layer, and start again.

Action 3: I always copyright my photos ... so to make life easier, I made it into an action ... clicking once, compared to typing out your info each ... Makes sense right??

Action 4: This is my Defog action. It is a sharpening actions, that I do to just about every photo. I find that there is a "Fog" look to alot of my photos ... not that I don't focus, I think it is just something to do with digital. But I am sure there people out there that will argue that and like I said this is just my workflow that I have created over the last few years of doing this.

So, this is what I do when my photo is pulled into Photoshop. Nothing to fancy, but it does get the job done.