Sunday Wrap Up ~ Jan 31

Well, can you believe it is the last day of January!! Heres hoping spring arrive quickly this year. Not a busy week for me but steady enough to say I was not bored at all.

Sunday, was spent organizing and taking photos over to the Bowling alley to give to all the bowlers. And they seemed to be impressed and there were a very more orders for more photos.

Monday, I worked!! So there really isnt much to talk about. I did however, take my little 300d along and took a couple of shoots on the way to work. I have bus images in my brain that I wont to try not sure how successful they are yet but I will be working on the idea.

Tuesday, was a very busy day off to work early and then on to class in the evening. This day I started a new project and pick up a friends artwork that she need to have photographed for class. This was a bigger project than I thought it would be but all turned out well. And it was fun to do.

She is a very talented artists and I have a few more photos to add to this set.

Wednesday, was a catchup day. Worked on shooting and editing the artwork. And started working on this coming weeks assignment of Corporate Logos. Not sure if I quite got the right idea but I have had fun working on it though. Will post these photos later on, once I get it all organized.

Thursday, I worked again and was a very unproductive photography day as well as unproductive in all aspects of the day!! hahah

Friday, I was off and I did a bunch of shooting and editing this day as well. I did however get a nap in, I know not the most exciting part of the day but hey, I needed it!!! hahah

Saturday was awesome. I worked in the morning but was able to find 2 awesome willing models to photograph in the afternoon. And I think I got some really great shots and will edit them up and share them with you later on. This was also an assignment for class so I am trying to get somewhat ahead just incase I run out of time near the end of class. And then for a short time, Saturday evening, my Aunt (fellow photographer) and I, decided that we were going to go out and do some night/early evening shoots ... well, we forgot just how cold this can be!! But we stuck it out and did get a few shots. Will get these up later this coming week as well.

I will add photos over the next week or so, please check them out.

And there is the album where the first month's P365 photos are located. Come check them out, I am very happy, I only missed 2 days so I think I was very successful. Goal for next month is not to miss any.

~ I still have to do a photo for today!!
And well that was my week.
Happy Week All!!!