Sunday Wrap Up

I am starting another blog entry called "Sunday Wrap Up". Just a short entry regarding the last week happenings. I thought it would be interesting to look back and see how things went and what I have learned, etc.

This week was a truly busy week. Trying to take photos everyday, is a challenge not to repeat the themes as well as to try and make the photos interesting. I have been working on my class assignment and the first assignment of "Blue" and "The Calgary Tower". So some of the images I have created are very everyday images that you would see and then others are of everyday things that I try to add a creative twist too.

SUNDAY: I had to work this day at my day job to pay them pesky bills. But I decided to take my camera to work, my little camera point and shoot. This point and shoot is not the greatest and I am looking into getting a Canon G11 or G12 so that I have more control over the photos. The G11 and G12 shoot in Raw format which I think is awesome, I love playing with Raw.

MONDAY: Well, Monday was very much of a write off. Clothes needed to be wash and all of fun cleaning stuff. I also did some work on the Bowling Team photos and had some to send off to the printers. I also decided that Monday was going to be my "Fav Photo of the Week" day for posting. I pick photos from the past to share with you and will be posting this on Mondays. My P365 photo was of one of my favorite things, a Double Double. And for all the Canadians out there you will know what that is!!

TUESDAY: This was a AWESOME day!! I went in early to work to get a few things done and to build up a little time because I wanted to go out and shoot the Olympic Torch Run that was set to go by between 11.52am to 12.17pm!! And I got was great shoots, it made my whole day and my whole week. It was a truly once in a life time experience. Today was also my class and some far it has been a good class. I really enjoy seeing how other "see the world" through their cameras.

WEDNESDAY: I photographed another Wednesday Morning Coffee Bowling team today. The ladies were great and did get a couple of great shots which I think they will be happy with. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I came to the decision that I need a second camera body. Tuesday, for the reason that I had a long lens on and I was wishing I had a shorter lens on for shorting the crowds and close up shot without having to be half way down the block. Wednesday, for the reason that my camera decided to have a mind of its own and not work the way it should. And to have a second body handy for just those times when things might not be going my way. Today I also donated blood for the first time in a long while and with any luck this will be one of my New Years Resolutions.

THURSDAY: Wednesday evening the fog rolled in and in Calgary when that happens, that usually means that the weather is changing. Thursday morning, the frost covered world was just beautiful. I only got out for about 10-15mins, but I create several beautiful frosty photos which I am still working on.

FRIDAY: The world was still covered in frost so when I got home from work that day, I went out again too see what I could find. I had approximately 30mins before I lost the light that day. I found the orange light of the light lamps, spot lighting of frost on the branches of the trees, fascinating.

SATURDAY: Today was an outing with the girls and it was alot of fun. I need to learn to do this more often. I took along my camera and the pics are not the greatest but it was all in the name of fun and that is what matters.

And well, that was my week. I have introduce daily themes this week as well and will be introducing the remaining of them this coming week. I had thought doing this blog thing was going to be rather hard but so far so good.

All photos from the past week can before on Flickr.

Have a Great Week Everyone!!