Trees and Lights

365 Photo Project - Photo 5 & 6

Well, the last 2 days have been very busy. I made time to take a few pictures but no time to edit or post so today you get a 2 for 1 deal, haha

Tuesday, was a early start for me at work and trying to recover from this flu bug, it was also my first day of class. So Tuesday was a very very long day.

I had promised myself that I wouldn't take photos from the bus stop I was waiting but when a photo presents itself, why not?? It was really cold and it had snowed for most of the day, the streets were slipper and as well as very busy Tuesday evening.

365 Photo Project - Photo 5

There are spots in the city where there are still some Christmas Lights up. I didnt get a chance to shoot any over the Christmas holiday so I guess that this is it for this year.

So on the way to work on Tuesday, I spotted these trees with the snow on the branches and just fell in love with them ... I wanted the bright blue sky behind the branches which I think makes that branches stand out so much more. I am hoping to experiment with this idea more as winter goes on.

365 Photo Project - Photo 6

I think that this might make an interesting B/W which I will post later, I need to play with it a little just to see.

I shall post again tomorrow, not sure of the theme yet but not know what I might come across.

Happy Hump Day All;