4 days of P365

Well, learned something new this week ... Don't Hurt Your Back, Its Sucks!! But I refuse to not do my P365 project, I just wasn't able to do any editing until today. I did do some shooting each day, some of thought out and others where not hahah.

Sunday; I went out just for a little while with my camera and a macro lens on to see what I might get. It was another Frosty day here in Calgary so I thought it might be neat to try a few macro shots.

365 Photo Project - Photo 6

Monday; Was another frosty day ... However, I really thought it was a neat looking day, the clouds would thicken up and it would snow and then the clouds would thin and the sun would try coming out. This photo was taken just after the sun disappeared and it got a little foggy!!!

365 Photo Project - Photo 8

Tuesday; was my long day, started with the moon was still out, hahah The moon, Tuesday morning was beautiful and this photo does not do it justice.

365 Photo Project - Photo 9

Wednesday; Well, I had been noticing that my laptop with not feeling well and I took it in for a check up and low and behold it had a virus. I was lucky enough that it hadnt done alot of damage and what was done was reversible.

365 Photo Project - Photo 10