Art Works - Feb 10

Frank H. Johnston -

Oil Painting -

My first thought of this painting is there is a storm coming. Big thunderheads and the dark grey striking clouds are moving in. But the stormy winds haven't hit yet giving time for everyone to find shelter and safety, which is why the lake is empty at this time.

The yellows in this oil painting give it a sense of calm before the storm. The yellow almost makes the mood heavy or oppressive mood to the painting.

These are just make first impressions of the painting which was done in 1922 by Frank H. Johnson of the "Group of Seven".


Yellow, Stormy, Calm, Shoreline, Industry, Fishing, Lumber, Boats, Water, Island, Storm Clouds, Coming Storm, Calm before the Storm, Blues, Reds, Browns, Greys, Whites, Rocky, Big, Small, Canada, Ripples, Reflections, Trees, Cliffs, Buildings, Heavy, Oppressive, Dark, Lights, Moods, Life, Death, Wilderness, Rural.