Last Class & P365

Last Class

The Last class of "How to Make Money with Your Camera" was last night. The poor instructor was so sick he wasn't able to make it in however, his wife was very nice to cover for him.

We spent the evening going through the different images that everyone bought in. It was great, there are some very talented people in this class and I truly enjoyed seeing there work.

Bill Marsh was a great instructor and I am so glad that I was able to take his course before he left SAIT.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge.


365 Photo Project - Photo 17

Tuesday`s 365 was taken on the way to class. The sun was just setting and made downtown Calgary glow. I wish I would have had a higher vantage point but sometimes that is just the way it is. I quick popped off the train and took a few shots before I missed the sun completely. I was also glad enough to get a couple of shots of the Calgary Tower with its flame on. I am thinking that I might head downtown on the weekend and see if I can get some other interesting views of the tower again.