P365 for Tuesday & Wednesday

Well, Monday and Tuesdays for me are very much like 1 very long day. Its starts at 1:30pm on Monday and I work until 10 and then back in Tuesday morning by 8am. And off to class and I don't have enough time to head home first, so I don't usually get home until 10pm. So there isn't much time to blog on Tuesdays or do any posting at all. But hey, that is the name of the game, isn't.

So, Tuesday, I took along my camera in hopes that I would have a little time to shot before class. SAIT campus was under construction much of last year but the one particular building, the new park area is complete ... And they have this really weird structure coming out of the ground that is the walkway from the parking lot.

365 Photo Project - Photo 1
The Parking walkway at SAIT

I have played a little with this photo, I do plan on taking more photos of this structure again.

Overnight the fog rolled in again and I couldn't resist taking more photos of the gorgeous frost covered trees. I really like this one tree, it is just down the block and it is one of those trees that has true character whether it is the dead of winter or a beautiful spring day.

365 Photo Project - Photo 3

This tree is one of those trees, that does have color in the winter time. It holds its berries and many of its leaves all winter long, if the birdies haven't gotten to them. So there is some color in the northern landscape, you just have to look for it.