Photoshop Mondays - Feb 8

Continuations of last weeks topic of Curves

I probably did not do a great work of explaining this topic and probably really wont be able until you go in and experiment for yourselves.

I still have alot to learn regarding curves but I do like what I can create or fix in curves that some of the other options in photoshop can not do. I think you have a much better chance of enchancing your photos using curves.

So one of the basic things for curves; create 3 points on the curve line: 1st point in the middle, 2nd point half way between the top and the middle and the 3rd point halfway between the bottom and then middle.

The centre point holds the line in place.
Top point drag up and it will lighten your light areas.
Bottom point drag down and it will darken your dark areas.

This should create an S-curve to your line creating some contrast in your photo.

Check out the tutorial on Coffeeshop PS Blog for more info: