Sunday Wrap Up ~ Feb 21

What a busy 2 weeks, I wasn't able to post anything last Sunday like I wanted to. I find when I work the Sundays at my so called day job and I have the time like I want to post anything that day. However, today I did not have to work so I shall do my best to remember what I have done the last 2 weeks.

This week was my last class in "How to Make Money with your Camera". I really enjoyed this class and hope to be able to use some of the different things in my own photography. The last class, the final 2 projects were due; Portraits and 12 photos that you would use on your website (6new/old).

If you wish to check out the final 2 assignments at the following site:

I have for my week at Niagara School of Imaging in the last week as well. I am so ready to get away for a while but that is in August so I am trying not to get to excited yet!! Hahah

However, I also pay for half my weekend out at Canmore at the SNAP - Photography Seminar which I am looking forward to as well. Just need to find a place to same and a bus ticket, hahah I guess I better do that soon.

I had a really give shoot with a friend at work and her daughter. They did a great job of posing and modeling for me. Thank you both very much ... I look forward to photographing both of you again sometime when it warms up.

I am still working on my P365 Project and have been a little slow lately coming up with some ideas. However, next month I am going to break the weeks up in to themes. So what I am thinking I am going to break the weeks up so that each week will have a theme or study of a subject whether it is traffic or buildings or common everyday stuff, I haven't completely decided. Just to try and keep things fresh and I do not get to bored with it.

I have been slowing rearranging/re-organizing my blog site, with hopes that it would make things a little more user friendly. Please Let me know what you think:

This will be the 3nd week with Art Works and its been an interesting adventure. I have just been finding paintings so far that I like, something to open my mind up to see differently. I have really enjoyed looking at the different painting by the Group of Seven which I will continue with them for a little while longer and they I will move on to other styles of paintings or drawings or something I just haven't decided yet.

I am also introducing a new section this week called Poems. I will be posting this on Tuesdays evenings and you will have to wait and see what this is all about.

Well, that is it for this Wrap Up. This coming week I am hoping will be a little more interesting, ha ha

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