Sunday Wrap Up ~ Feb 7

Sundays: Well, last Sunday I worked so I didnt do much that day before work. However, I did finish up a project that I was working for a friend. It was a deadline kinda of thing so it is nice to know that I can work under a little pressure. Also, I got together the last for my assignment for that week class. Then, it was off to work.

Mondays: I did a little shooting that morning I had another idea for my assignment so I had to try it out. I am hoping at something later on I will try this assignment again just to see what else I can come up with for Creative Corporate Logo image.

Tuesdays: Was a Long day as well as My Mom's Birthday. It was a good day, but very busy. My work day started at 8am, so not much time do anything else other than work and school. However, before I made it to class I did a little shooting of the new parking structure walkway. It is a weird thing sticking up out of the ground but makes an awesome thing to shoot. And then after class I quick shot the front of the Heritage Building at SAIT. Got some really neat shoots!!

Wednesdays: MINI-HOLIDAY BEGINS!!! I took a few days off last week, I need a break before I went nuts. Wednesday was very much a right off but I did do a little shooting. First off, there was another bowling team that needed their photos done. I took some shoots that day of the frost on the trees again ... beautiful and I didnt have to go very far to get them. I also designed a new logo as well today, something a little different than before which you can see at the top of this blog entry.

Thursdays: I spend a couple of hours out shooting at Union cemetery here in Calgary. I had a couple of ideas in mind that I wanted to try out and I think I was very successful. I love going up to Union, there are some really interesting headstones
there make for interesting photos.

Fridays: I didnt do to much Friday, caught up on a few things. I decided that I would shoot a few photos of Mom's birthday flowers and attempt to be a little creative with them.

Saturdays: Totally unproductive day!!! The only thing that I did was finish editing up photos for last weekends photo shoot and did send off a few photos to be printed. I think that it is time to get some frames and mats and start getting my photos organized up again.


Going to be starting a couple of new sections on my blog in the next couple of weeks, after my class ends.

Photo/Peoms, My Reviews and Art Works. Won't explain what these are because I want them to be a surprise :) You will notice now that I have started a "Quote" Post once a week as well, the quotes wil...l include a link to the author if there was one.

Photo/Peoms; I have wanted for awhile now to find a peom that fits with a photo that I had taken. Or a Photo that fits with a peom that I like. I think it could be interesting and who knows what might become of it. Not sure if this will be a once a week thing or a once every 2 weeks, so we shall see.

My Reviews; Now I dont really have a definition of this section yet. But I was thinking to Review some of the photography books, websites, and other things that interest me, etc. He has some really great stuff and has gather some really great people around him to teach. This section might not start until next month once I get my thoughts organized for this series of blogs.

Art Works: I have wanted to take some Art History courses in the coming year, so I have thought that maybe I would start trying to study up on some of the different pieces that are out there. I decided that I would focus first on some of the
"Group of Seven" piece, Canadian Artists.