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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Spot Lite Site - March 6

I thought today's site would be of my latest instructor's website. I have had Anthony as an instructor for a couple of other courses and he is a very knowledgeable guy and have always enjoyed his classes. He is a nature/wildlife photographer as well as an Adobe Certified Instructor.
I hope you enjoy his site: http://www.mountainphoto.com/index.html

Friday, March 5, 2010

P365 - B/W with a Little Bit of Color - March 5

Today was a Umbrella day!! I like the effect that I produced with bring back just a little bit of color. It was a good shoot, its finally starting to get nice here in Calgary. I enjoyed the sunshine!!

P365 - B/W with a Little Bit of Color - March 5

Black and White Fridays - March 5

Well, you will notice an Umbrella theme to my photos today, haha. I couldn't decide today what I wanted to do and them I thought of my umbrellas that I have and I thought maybe the umbrellas will make some interesting photos.

I have been playing around in photoshop lately and have enjoyed creating different images. So I have been trying some different things and today was no different. I turned this image to a black and white and manipulated the different levels of Black and white. I also blurred the image a tiny bit and throw some noise in as well. I really rather impressed with what I created. Going to try and see what it looks like printed.

Grey Umbrellas

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Curve Creations Thursday - March 4

Today's Curve Creations is part of the series of paint brush photos I took Wednesday. I love creating these types of photos, you just never know what might look really awesome with all sorts of wild colors. And sometimes you get some really scary looking things as well, hahah.

Curve Creations - Paint Brushes

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

P365 - Painting - March 3

Just playing around with some different household things that might make something interesting. My mom is a painter and I spotted her paint brushes this morning and I thought what a great subject it would be today.

P365 - March 3 - Paint Brushes

Art Works - March 3

"Jeffrey Pine - Sentinel Dome" by Ansel Adams

To spend your life in some of the most beautiful places in the United States. The beauty that Ansel Adams found and that he preserved for generations to see and treasure, is an awesome feat in itself.

Ansel Adams
Bio: http://www.anseladams.com/content/ansel_info/anseladams_biography2.html
Gallery: http://www.anseladams.com/index.html
Videos: http://www.anseladams.com/content/ansel_info/anseladamsvideos.html

b&w, sky, mountains, tree, clouds, rocks, high, distant, wood, pine, old, over-looking, shade, shadows, bright, black, white, grey, snow

Wednesday Morning Coffee League

All the bowling gals are great!! I love the comments I get from these Ladies regarding the photos. And they are all happy to have them done, well more or less, Haha :)

This is my second year of shooting team photos and it is a great experience. I can really see where I have improved alot not only with my photography skills but also my people skills. Its not so scary anymore, haha

Shooting team photos can be a little bit of a long process but I think it is also a good thing too. I can spend a little extra time with the different teams and be able to have a little more time to work through the photos and not have great amount of pressure.

I wish to share all of the photos when this project is finished.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photography Tuesday - March 2

Ok, so this is a new section of my blog which I am not sure if I will have enough content to share with all of you but I am going to do my best.

This is a little trick that I picked up from Joe McNally and It works great. To make a big light source use a white bed sheet and place the light that you are using behind it. Move your light source back a little to make it bigger.



This shot was trying with the halogen light place behind a white bed sheet and also using a flash to camera right and another continuous light on camera left. As well as a little playing around until I got the settings to what I wanted and some twicking in Photoshop.

P365 - March 2 - Awaiting Spring

Well, you will notice that I have posted much which I explained in my last post so I won't repeat myself. However, I do believe that the photography bug has bitten again and looking forward to getting back at it.

I picked up a halogen light today ... Just a small one to play with and see what I might back able to create with it. Its a little orangey looking but I think I have fix that in photoshop.

P365 - March 2 - Awaiting Spring