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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last week I asked a friend at work if she would be interested in having a few photos done. Well we an outing of it and I ended up with some really great images. And she was a really great model then braved the icy waters at Olympic plaza.

I finished her photos and I am looking forward to have they printed for her and her family.

Jamilee's photos

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dave Cross and Maximum Tour

Went to the Dave Cross seminar today and was very much impressed. I learned alot of great practical uses for photoshop, which was awesome. Sometimes, in seminars they teach you some great stuff but things you might never use.

Dave is a great instructor, funny and very knowledgable. One of the first things he showed the audience was layer comps which I think will be great to show off different versions of my photos that I like to create so that I can see the options.

It was truly a good and very educational day and I look forward to trying out and implementing the different techniques.

Thank you for coming Calgary!!

Ahh! iPad blogging

Since I purchased my iPad I had been trying to figure out how to post my blog found my iPad. I finally found an "App for that". Now, I wonder how to post photos with my blog entries ... Oh well, on to the next challenge.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

iPad posting

This is my first post using my Ipad. It is truly a great device and looking forward to using it for all sorts of different things, including having a portable portfolio which was one of my main reasons for purchasing it.

This last week has been a good one. I had one shoot which I share the photos from once I get them all done. I my the opportunity to do baby portraits which will be fun but I am sure it will be a good challenge. And I promise to post the photos.

I have done up a few of the photos and will be posting more soon.

I will also be shooting at Carefest, this coming weekend and I am looking forward to. I will have the opportunity to have some of my photos to be used on their 2011 posters etc. So I do believe it will be a good thing.