Last Month was Busy

The last month has been very busy, shooting and making contacts. Today, I spent about 1.5hr shooting a garden for The Calgary Horticultural Society. And was a beautiful garden it was. Her front yard alone puts my whole yard to same.

Also spent a little time shooting her backyard as well, it would be a beautiful spot to spend a summer afternoon just reading and relaxing.

Spent a weekend enjoying family that I hadn't seen in many years and could not resist doing a little shooting.  I was lucky enough to take as great photos of my cousins little one, what a character.

Now, can you resist that smile and those eyes, she is going to break a few hearts when she gets a little older, and Dad is going to have to beat them off with a big stick!!

Last week, I contacted Volunteer Calgary to see if they needed a photographer and went in for an interview, which is something I have not done in quite a little.  While, it turned out great and I will be starting off by photographing a "House Painting for Seniors".  I think this will be a blast and I am really looking forward to it.

I also decided to head out on Canada Day to soak up some of the goings on here in Calgary.  I made it down to Fort Calgary.  It was a busy place and I was so surprised when I got down there that they had an old train out on the CPR tracks and just had to head over there to check it out. 

There was also a tour going on through one of the cars, that they turned into a muesum car and they had the original last spike that was driven in to the rail in BC.  It was an interesting tour through the car.

I was able to do two grad shoots for 2 of the girls that I work with.  They were great and got right into it, we all had fun.

Spent a day out of Drumheller on Father's day weekend, I had forgotten how pretty it is out there.  Everything was so green and lush.  It is a big contrast to when fall rolls around and everything is burned to a crisp.

I was very luck to be able to shoot Carefest here in Calgary this year.   I have never been before but I think I am going to try and make it an annual event.  Lots to see and hear, great singers/music and awesome dancers.  Parade was wonderful, full of color and action.

Well, that has been pretty much what has been going on for me.  Summer is starting to look busy and I am looking forward to it.  Below will be the links to all the albums mention above.

Andrea ~ This section is still a work in progress
The Garden shoot from today will be posted later.

Heres hoping I will be able to get out to the Stampede, to share some of the images of the "The Great Outdoor Show on Earth"!!

I had 2 images Printed so for from Carefest!!
carefest-IMG_9449-copy carefest_IMG_9529-copy

16x20 prints and they are awesome.
$80 for each if you are looking for something a little different for you wall.
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