Well, I have been on the go for a week on in Ontario and it's has been a good week. I will been heading home Thursday and will be looking forward to my own bed and pillow. And a cup of good Kicking Horse Coffee, which I sssooo miss.

Currently, I am on the train to Kingston via Toronto. I like the idea of train travel maybe it is a nostalgia thing, train travel in the movies always seemed to be an elegant way to go.

A friend of mine from Edmonton decided to travel about a little bit this year and we met up in Guelph. Spent a day in Toronto and a day snooping around Guelph, checking out the farmer market.

This years NSI was awesome!! The instructor for my class on lighting and posing was the very knowledgable Hanson Fong from California. It was a great course, learned alot and looking forward to giving it all a try. I always come away with some great ideas, new look on my photography and life. Here's hoping it stays with me all year long.

I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of NSI this year. Not sure whether it was because I knew more people or because I have decided not to give in to the shy quiet side. I am hoping to find the happy medium between the two.

Shall post again soon!!