BC & AB Travels - Day Five & Six

Well, I haven't written the last 2 days but I do have a little time this evening we decided to stay 2 days in Kaslo, BC.  Which is just a Little town on Kootenay Lake, that has some really neat little shops that you must visit before 5pm or they unplug the street lights and roll up the streets. LoL

I dont have all of the photos done up yet from our travels around the Kaslo and Nelson area.  We travelled across on the ferry from Kootenay Bay to Balfour.  That is one twisty whiny road!!!  Pretty scenery along the way. 

Today, we went to Nelson BC ... didn't see alot there but picked up makings for lunch.  Nelson is built all on the side of hill/mountain so the roads are interesting to navigate!!  Then travels lakeside all the way back to Kaslo, through Slocan, New Denver, and several other little towns along the way.

Went into Kokane Provincial Park, where we were able to see the Salmon spawning.  Salmon only live for 4 years.  So these were at the end of there life cycle and were heading back up stream to lay their eggs and died.  The park ranger said that there was a bear that was in the creek the night before having supper.

Candles from Creston Candle Factory.  Neat little shop, to bad it will be shutting down if it isnt sold.