BC & AB Travels - Day Three

Day Three and all is Good!!  We have stayed the last 2 nights in Cranbook where we have been staying in a half of a house with three rooms, 1 bedroom, bedroom/living room and a kitchen/bedroom which is rather unique, hahah :)

Today, we went off to Fort Steele heritage site which was interesting to go through.  Check out the site, it has some neat stuff on it: http://www.fortsteele.ca/


fortsteele_IMG_6269-1-copy fortsteele_IMG_6279-1-copy

This was a great couple of hours wandering around checking out the old buildings, the animals, bakery (which had some great cinnimon buns) and just seeing how things were.

Then it was off down the road to Wasa Lake which at many times we have been there was just packed with people.  Well, today, the beach was empty and there was just one brave soul out walking.  When we all got out of bed this morning it was only +4c.  Wasa Lake is one of those places I remember from when I was a kid, I won of button for running in the Sand Castle contest. LoL

wasalake_IMG_6366-1-copy wasalake_IMG_6371-1-copy

Then off down the road again we all went to Kimberley, BC, which has an alphine village feeling to it.  It is a neat little places to photograph and go shopping in.  Only had a few minutes to shoot and off course hit the fudge shop!!!

kimberly_IMG_6388-1-copy kimberly_IMG_6401-1-copy