BC & AB Travels - Day Two

Today, was a rather soggy wet day but it did dry out here and there so that we can do a little sight seeing with out getting to wet.

Stopped off at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery and fed the fish, hahah.  There were several large trout out front in a pond that one could feed and well they were fed quite well.

bc_IMG_5970-1-copy bc_IMG_6025-1-copy

"The Kootenay Trout Hatchery is operated by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, a non-profit agency that operates five trout hatcheries and a fish health unit in BC.
KTH opened in 1966 - since then it has raised 125 million trout, char, kokanee and white sturgeon."
Site:  http://www.fortsteele.ca/rates/othertodo/kootenay-trout-hatchery.asp

The fall colors have arrived in the Kootenay Valley, just light touches here and there but soon Autumn will be in its full glory here.

Before supper, we decided to go for a drive and went up to Jim Smith Lake.

jimsmithlake_IMG_6131-1-copy jimsmithlake_IMG_6121-1-copy

Then we went down the road a little ways to Moyie Lake, which we will be going by again in a couple of days.  And through the historical town of Moyie, which looks like have some really great old builds which I am looking forward to photographing.
Walked along the shore of the lake which was beautiful but definitely not swimming season anymore.  There is spring that bubbles up in the sided pool which was interesting to see and wish I could have gotten closer.

moyielake_IMG_6179-1-copy moyielake_IMG_6166-1-copy
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