Ontario Travels - Ribfest in Guelph

Went to this thing call Ribfest in Guelph, well if you like ribs you would have been in heaven!!!  There had to have been at least 10 to 15 boths that you could choose from and it was all really good.

We decided to wander around the grounds as well as in to the park where we found some really great scenes.
ribfest_IMG_4621_guelph-1-copy ribfest_IMG_4619_guelph-1-copy ribfest_IMG_4603_guelph-1-copy
We ventured off into Riverfront park, where there was some great reflections as well and find a great old dog who was out for his evening walk with his mate.  He was quite happy to let us take his photo and to get a good itch behind his ear.
ribfest_IMG_4664_guelph-1-copy ribfest_IMG_4705_guelph-1-copyribfest_IMG_4712_guelph-1-copy ribfest_IMG_4732_guelph-1-copy

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