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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ottawa, Canada

October 21, 2010

Ottawa, Canada

The Last of the images from my trip to Ontario. We spent an afternoon in Ottawa, which was just not long enough. So the decision was made to head down to Rideau Canal and check things out. Was even lucky enough to see a couple of boats go through the Canal, connects the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on the Ottawa River to the city of Kingston, Ontario on Lake Ontario.

The day we arrived in Ottawa was only 38c, in the shade so I didn’t do a lot of wandering around outside. When we first arrived, we went for lunch and decided just to snoop around in the mall. And then headed out to find Rideau Canal, passed by Fairmount Laurier, what a beautiful building.

We decided that it would be really rather a neat experience to go in and have a drink in the Laurier. We decided to wander around the Laurier, to check things out and did get some interesting interior images of some of the rooms.

I had a great time on my holidays and it was just to short. Its been a very busy fall, and looking forward to heading with my camera as much as possible.

Checkout the images at the following address:



Friday, October 8, 2010

New Canon G11 - Images

I purchased a new Canon G11 for my little everywhere I go it goes Camera.  And so far I am quite impressed.  I am going to take it with me this weekend and give it a good workout just to see how it goes :)

I was hoping for another creative outlet which I think I have found.  I always wanted something that I could take with me on an ongoing basic but my big Canon 40D is not always good for that.  I have also wanted to be about to do video too.  It will be something new and interesting to learn to edit video ... should be interesting to do :)

Just a few images from todays testing and walkabout.  The leaves and colors here in Calgary are just about gone but still some pretty spots.


I love the trees right now, they almost look like veins.  I pulled this image into Photoshop and turned the background white and the trees black but not with the Black and White layers option but through Camera Raw.  Ok confused yet, me too!!  And then I did a soft blur.  I rather like it and going to have it printed just to see what it will look like.

g11_IMG_0032-1-copy g11_IMG_0027-1-copy g11_IMG_0013-1-copy g11_IMG_0005-1-copy

I was a beautiful day to be out and I really enjoyed my little walk.  I need to learn to do this more often than I do. 

Well, the weekend will be filled with photos, turkey and family. 
Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Photo Shoot

Spent a little time with some old friends I havent seen in a long time.  Jamie is a friend of a gal I use to work with and for ages we have been trying to work out a little time to spend together so that we could take some photos.  Well, today we finally had the chance to do so.  I remember Jenna when she was just a baby and I was just starting my photography pursuits and was to "Chicken" to do her photos :)

Jenna and Jamie were awesome models today ... the autumn colors I think suit them both very much.  We played in the leaves which I havent done in years!!  And it was so much fun!!

One of my Favs from todays shoot.


Check out the rest of their Album, Still have more photos to go which I will work through over the weekend.
Jenna and Jamie - October 2010

I look forward to trying this again!