Christmas Day Project

I had a friend ask me if I would be willing to design a simple birthday poster ... you know one of those ones where there is a great photo of the person and then there is room for the guests to be able to sign it.  So I like doing such things but sometimes the creative juices are just not working!!  But today I was luck.

I came up with this first one, just a quick little lay out, pink & purple with a heart and it was so simple and clean that I thought it would work out pretty good.

She said she like hearts, and she is a sweet person so I decided hearts it is.  Well, then of course I just couldn't do just one poster I had to 2 ... who knows there might just be a 3rd one there somewhere too!!

I photographed Jamilee in late spring this year, on one of the very few nice spring days we had here in Calgary.  And the above 2 photos I used are my favorites so I am having a very hard time deciding which ones I like.

Well, that was my Christmas Day project ... and that was about all I did today.  I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Christmas!!