December 26 - Boxing Day in Canada

Well, for alot of people that means shopping not for me!!  I refuse to get anywhere near a shopping mall, LoL  But I did want to get out and do a little shooting and I did.  Found a couple great old cars to shoot .. didnt get the greatest shots but I decided that I would make one of the images in to a "Curve Creation" which I haven't done so in a long time.

Then decided it might be interesting to take some shoots of Downtown Calgary and of the Chinook Arch.  It is interesting to see how much Calgary has changed in recent years. 

And of course I wasn't the only one out!!  It was a Dog's Day Out!! Haha 

He was a happy guy!  Ran after the red furizbee (?? Hmmmm...) the entire time I was there shooting!!  So I would say it was a good morning. 

You can checkout the rest of the images in the following album "Out and About".