Playing with Dried Flowers

December 9, 2010
So, I wasn't sure about this little project but decided I would give it a try. I had picked out a few of the flowers from my garden that made it through for first autumn frost to dry. Mainly, because of the pretty colors that were in the flowers. The flowers dried beautifully and I decided that maybe photographing them might create some interesting photos. In the fall, I purchased a simple grey background for doing product shots on, a neutrel background so that it isn't over powering the shot. And as always, there are all sorts of little treasures in my basement; where I found 2 pieces of slate rock that my Mother (who is the painter in my house) picked somewhere along the way. I cleaned up the rocks which I than used to support the flower and helped to add just a little extra to the image. The lighting was just my simple continuous light which I either brought forward and backed up a little to create some shadows etc. Needless to say I am rather pleased with the out come. I have a few more images that I want to edit and put up to share with you.

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