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Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Sunday Shoot!!

I had the great opportunity to photograph Alyssa again this Sunday, a daughter of one of the girls I work with. Love shooting her, and it shows that she loves it as well :)  We had great fun ... I picked up a couple of different props.  But ended up going very simple with many of the photos.  Still have problems with posing ideas but it is coming ... we lasted for almost an 1.5hr and it flew by!!

This first image is one of favorites!!  Alyssa is not a big hat person but she went along with and pulled off a couple of great images!!

Alyssa was also willing to let me do some different kinds of shots to try out some creative ideas.  I am still working on but the first one is below.  Working with some texture ideas ... I've had this idea before but wasn't sure how to go about it.  So I just decided to go for it and see what the out come would be.  And I am quite happy with it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Weather and Photography!!

Well, the plan today was to go down check out Chinese New Year.  Well, Mother Nature had her own plans today ... so I decided that I would make the best of it and head out for a walk around the block in the Snow!!  It did end up being a short walk, but a good one ... it is rather chilly out & I hate wearing a hat so I didn't last long, LoL :)

I did take a few shoots from around the neighbourhood and decided the play with them in Photoshop to see what I could create.

I have always loved Black & Whites and I love to create them as well. 

I love the Black & White function in Photoshop, you can be so creative with it.  Also played a little with the exposure as well.  You can check this photo out in a larger version.   If you are interesting in purchasing a print of this image, head to the following link.

Also went to the park!!! I was out early enough that there wasn`t to many folks out and pretty sure most of the kids were home where it was warm.  Park was rather fun ... I should hung out there a little longer to shoot so many that will be my project for tomorrow.

The last two here were just they were rather interesting, the way they look in the snow.  So that was my Saturday!  Not overly exciting but very good and enjoyable. 

Looking forward to a studio shoot in the morning and having some new photos to play with.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Booties

Well, I had this idea a little while ago and how a chance to finally play around with the idea.  I still have a few things to try with this idea. 

Well, I should show you my idea.  LoL :)

Baby Boy Cards

Baby Girl Cards

Twin Cards

I can really see these as announcement cards!!  Do a little more playing to see what else I can come up with.

This week had a good start to it ... found some awesome props for my studio.  And have been busy cleaning up and reorganizing my studio in preparation to my first in-studio shoot coming up this weekend.

Will be heading down to the Chinese Cultural Centre for Chinese New Year on Saturday to do some shooting.  Very Much Looking Forward to This!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tinted Image

This was taken last week when it was very cold here in Calgary.  I have been enjoying taking images and seeing what I can recreate in Photoshop.  This first image was taken with a Canon G11, a great little camera!!

I have tinted the image in hopes that it will emphasize the black tree branches and the sun shining through it. 

And then I had a couple of other ideas that I wanted to try in studio.  It always surprises me what things around the house may create a great backdrop for a subject.  This backdrop is is of one those fake bamboo curtains that you hang up on your deck to creative some shade.  Didn't work well on my deck but sure makes and interesting backdrop.

Well, this was my week, didn't get out to shoot much but decided that playing in studio wouldn't be such a bad thing.

You can purchase the tree image at the following site:
Tinted Tree

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saturday Night Bowling!!!

It was a good night out with the girls!!!  No big scores, but we all had fun and that was all that matter.  This is the second year of getting together to bowling, have some pizza and enjoy one anothers company. 

I designed the template .. I was aiming for simple and I think it worked. "Very Soft & Fluffy Ladies" was Kate's idea, hahah

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fort Henry - Fun Place to Photograph!!!

Great stuff to photograph here!!  Not only architectural photography but performance photography as well.  Interesting way to learn how to judge timing for a performance as well. 

It was a good day of shooting well I was there as well as lots to see, hear, learn and do.

Fort Henry - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Thin Red Line.  As solid as the limestone fortress Crimson-draped Guard ... called to order by the bugle, fife and drum.  Eyes and bayonets fixed.  The enemy dead ahead.  Enfields afire and cannons ablaze.  Smoking guns fill the parade square.  It's 1867.  Fort Henry heats up Wednesday evenings throughout July and August with critically-acclaimed heritage reenactments.  The Fort Henry Guard Drums, Drill Square and Artillery Detachment act the story of 1860s military music, drill and artillery maneuvers.  Performed entirely  by college and university students, this performance invokes patriotism and pride as they demonstrate their passion and skill for the craft.

Did You Know ... ???
  • IT'S CALLED FORT HENRY BECAUSE ... The peninsula on which Fort Henry is built is called Point Henry, named after Henry Hamilton, 1st Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, 1782-85.
  • THE FORT WE WORK IN TODAY IS NOT THE ORIGINAL FOR BECAUSE ... The Fort today is the 2nd Fort Henry.  The 1st was originally built in 1813.  It was dismantled when the 2nd Fort was built from 1832-37.
  • THE ENEMY THE FORT WAS TO DEFEND AGAINST WAS ... Throughout most of the 1800s, the United States.
  • THE PURPOSE FOR FORT HENRY WAS ... To defend the terminus of the Rideau Canal, the Royal naval Dockyards and Kingston Harbour.
  • THE FOR WAS USED AS A PRISONER OF WAR CAMP/INTERMENT CAMP IN ...  The 1837 Rebellions, during World War I, 1914-18 and during World War II, 1939-45.
  • THE YEAR 1867 WAS CHOSEN AS THE YEAR OF PORTRAY BECAUSE ... Even though soldiers were stationed at the Fort from 1812-1891, 1867 was the year for Confederation, when Canada because a nation, and when the Snider-Enfield rifle was introduced into the British Army.  The rifle was the first breach-loading rifle (loaded the back of the barrel), representing a major advancement in weaponry.
Just a little history for today!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Day - Out & About - 2011

Spent a about an hour out shooting on NewYears Day ... However, it was cold and I didn't last for very long.  It felt warming then it really was, and I think froze my poor fingers.  But I did get a couple of shots that I kinda like and wanted to share.  I have been wanting to photograph some of the skaters that were down at Olympic Plaza but I wanted the motion blur thing to happen.  Wanting to try this for ages but just haven't had the time to do so. So New Years Day I made it and was lucky enough that there were some brave souls out skating that day.  It was very strange ... I havent been downtown Calgary in a long time when it has been that quiet!!

It was also a good day to go down because there were still the ice sculptures up for the Big New Years Eve party that the city put on.  And they were interesting to photograph. 

It was a good shoot but very short.  One tip for ya, even though you think it is warm out ... wear your mittens anyway!!

Happy & Health Belated New Year!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RockStar and Fireman, All in One Day!!

This little guy was awesome!!  It wasn't quite his day but he did a great job of dressing up to be a fireman as well and a Rockstar!! Its alot of work for person to put on a Rock Show and then put out a fire.

This was a great shoot and it give me so many new ideas ... don't know when I am going to have time for everything!! haha

Thank You Van!!  You did a Great Job!!  And Thank you Phil for letting me play with all of your great toys!!

You can check out the rest of the images in the following Album.

Monday, January 3, 2011

RockStar Shoot

Spent a Great Day with 2 Great Photographers, Amanda & Phil.  Phil as a great little studio going and we all got to play with all of his toys!! LoL :)

I also discovered that my Canon G11 is an awesome little camera.  I was able to hook up the G11 with pocket wizards was able to set off the strobs and creative some great images.

She was an awesome Little Rocker!!!  Played the part well and I think everyone had fun :) 

I also used my big Canon 40d camera as well.  But I am surprise to see if you really look, you really don't see a difference.  But ssshhhhh don't tell, Ok :)

And the Phil pulled out his Flash Ring!!  Well, that is an interesting toy!!  I might have to look into one of these!!!  Which looked something like what is in the following link.  And it creatived an interesting look.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, with friends, food and shooting.  What more can one ask for!!??

I did attempt a little video ... a videographer I am not but I thought I would give it a try.  Amanda is shooting in is this video.

This album for this shoot is located at the following:  Rock Star!!  Will be adding a few more videos to the Rock Star album, once I get them uploaded.

Philip Litke ~ Philip Litke Photography ~ Didsbury, Alberta
Amanda Yakam ~ Illumination Fotography ~ Edmonton Alberta