Great Sunday Shoot!!

I had the great opportunity to photograph Alyssa again this Sunday, a daughter of one of the girls I work with. Love shooting her, and it shows that she loves it as well :)  We had great fun ... I picked up a couple of different props.  But ended up going very simple with many of the photos.  Still have problems with posing ideas but it is coming ... we lasted for almost an 1.5hr and it flew by!!

This first image is one of favorites!!  Alyssa is not a big hat person but she went along with and pulled off a couple of great images!!

Alyssa was also willing to let me do some different kinds of shots to try out some creative ideas.  I am still working on but the first one is below.  Working with some texture ideas ... I've had this idea before but wasn't sure how to go about it.  So I just decided to go for it and see what the out come would be.  And I am quite happy with it.