New Years Day - Out & About - 2011

Spent a about an hour out shooting on NewYears Day ... However, it was cold and I didn't last for very long.  It felt warming then it really was, and I think froze my poor fingers.  But I did get a couple of shots that I kinda like and wanted to share.  I have been wanting to photograph some of the skaters that were down at Olympic Plaza but I wanted the motion blur thing to happen.  Wanting to try this for ages but just haven't had the time to do so. So New Years Day I made it and was lucky enough that there were some brave souls out skating that day.  It was very strange ... I havent been downtown Calgary in a long time when it has been that quiet!!

It was also a good day to go down because there were still the ice sculptures up for the Big New Years Eve party that the city put on.  And they were interesting to photograph. 

It was a good shoot but very short.  One tip for ya, even though you think it is warm out ... wear your mittens anyway!!

Happy & Health Belated New Year!!