Tinted Image

This was taken last week when it was very cold here in Calgary.  I have been enjoying taking images and seeing what I can recreate in Photoshop.  This first image was taken with a Canon G11, a great little camera!!

I have tinted the image in hopes that it will emphasize the black tree branches and the sun shining through it. 

And then I had a couple of other ideas that I wanted to try in studio.  It always surprises me what things around the house may create a great backdrop for a subject.  This backdrop is is of one those fake bamboo curtains that you hang up on your deck to creative some shade.  Didn't work well on my deck but sure makes and interesting backdrop.

Well, this was my week, didn't get out to shoot much but decided that playing in studio wouldn't be such a bad thing.

You can purchase the tree image at the following site:
Tinted Tree