Winter Weather and Photography!!

Well, the plan today was to go down check out Chinese New Year.  Well, Mother Nature had her own plans today ... so I decided that I would make the best of it and head out for a walk around the block in the Snow!!  It did end up being a short walk, but a good one ... it is rather chilly out & I hate wearing a hat so I didn't last long, LoL :)

I did take a few shoots from around the neighbourhood and decided the play with them in Photoshop to see what I could create.

I have always loved Black & Whites and I love to create them as well. 

I love the Black & White function in Photoshop, you can be so creative with it.  Also played a little with the exposure as well.  You can check this photo out in a larger version.   If you are interesting in purchasing a print of this image, head to the following link.

Also went to the park!!! I was out early enough that there wasn`t to many folks out and pretty sure most of the kids were home where it was warm.  Park was rather fun ... I should hung out there a little longer to shoot so many that will be my project for tomorrow.

The last two here were just they were rather interesting, the way they look in the snow.  So that was my Saturday!  Not overly exciting but very good and enjoyable. 

Looking forward to a studio shoot in the morning and having some new photos to play with.


  1. Love your contrast in your black and white photo.


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