Family of Man

Wednesday, I had a little running around to do but also wanted to do some shooting as well.  So I decided to take along my little G11 camera, which I just love to play with and see what I can capture with it. 

Well, this statues were along the way .... I have wanted to photograph them before but never in the right place at the right time.  The statues are of "Family of Man".  I took several shots of these statues and did a little experimenting to see what might look good.

"These sculptures were specifically commissioned for that part of Britain's Pavilion at Expo 67 which portrayed Britain responding to the challenge of the world problems and meeting international responsibilities. They were conceived and designed by Mario Armengol, who aimed to inspire two moods - an immediate reaction to man dominating and then a contradictory feeling of insignificance and dependence.
The sculptures, despite their height of 21 feet, are unmistakably human - naked, raceless, expressionless men and women. They are placed in groups, hands extended in gestures of fellowship and goodwill.
At the conclusion of Expo 67, Robert Cummings purchased the sculptures on behalf of Maxwell Cummings and Sons, who donated them to the City of Calgary."