Frost Filled Mornings

For 2 days this week, Calgary had fog which cause some great tree images.  The first morning I was out very early so I didn't get the greatest of images but what I did capture I was very impressed with.

This was taken around 7am on Wednesday morning.  You can see the street light through the tree while the  snow/ice crystals falling. So no that is not noise from shooting at such a high ISO, haha :) 

This next however, was a perfectly clear blue sky day which made for some great images as well.  It was cold and clear and I so wished I had more time to play that day.  All of the images were taken on the short walk to the bus stop before heading off to work. 

You can see all of the frost images at the following gallery:  Out and About Gallery


  1. Beautiful pics Kell !!! :) the second one is my fave !!! i hope to see some spring pics soon tho ;)


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