Week 3 - 52 Week Project - Trying to find Spring at -38c!!

The last 2-3weeks, Calgary has been in a deep freeze with no true break at all.  So I had to find my own spring in my own way. 

Spring to me is tulips, they are usually one of the first flowers to brave spring here in Calgary. 

I played with just 1 strobe with all of the images as well as no softening white umbrella.  And I rather like the effect that it created.

I was a little late with this posting this week, had a very busy weekend.  I was busy shooting more bowling team photos as well as spending a few hours printing.  Took alot longer to print than I anticapated but now I know and will be able to alot a little more time for the next time around.


  1. oh i love tulips...i agree they tulips are spring !!! i can't wait...


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